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interior designing and home staging?

I want to do home staging, but I need to take some kind of class in order to have any credit. Home staging is what I want to do before I begin my career of interior decorating. What type of class should I take for home staging? How much would it cost? Also, what is a good college for aspiring interior decorators?

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    As you know interior design comes before interior decorating.

    Interior design involves the design of the "space" in a home or building, and the rooms and how they flow from one another, for overall comfort of living, or working. It takes interior decorating into consideration, as having a plan on how much room can be allotted for the furnishings etc.

    There are actually quite a few good courses which can lead to work in the field later on. Such as with The Art Institutes. They have a very thorough Interior Design course which delves into 3D modeling etc. And they are "pro-active" in getting students involved in actual real life projects outside of the classroom, which is good because you are working with established developers who will be able to see your work ethic, skill and creativity.

    There is a video that explains all the aspects of Interior Design with the Art Institute here:

    good luck!

  • Home Staging is the specialty of setting up your home available to be purchased by highlighting the home's gimmicks through furniture game plan, stress arrangement, and shade decisions. An Accredited Staging Professional is a land master that performs a target assessment of a property to focus any deterrents that may prevent purchaser enthusiasm for your home. Arranging is not enlivening. Home arranging includes utilizing inner part outline standards and promoting methods to best speak to your home.

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