Can anyone name any FEMALE Caucasian Vocalists please?

I like listening to music, but I like hearing ppl that can actually sing... alot of the Black ones are really popular:


Leona Lewis

Mariah Carey (I think she black im not sure >_> she weird)


Whitney (back in da day anyways)

I see alot of Asian artists that can sing but most seem not to be famed/mentioned much in the Americas... They usually go to asia for sales.. a few are:

Charice~ (She's In America, i dunno how famous she is but she on Glee i think)

Utada Hikaru


BoA (to some extent, she way better at dancing tho, for a pop artist her vocals are way better then the ones in US)

I'll admit picky too I want real people that sing>> so here's what I don't want!

People that just sing along with the Tone (most country/pop singers) like:

Britney Spears


Lady Gaga

Paris Hilton etc.

Singers from back in the 70's, yes early 1900's music had more meaning but I'm not really interested in listen to relics, I prefer the artist to be alive, and not 100 yrs old.

None of them Disney pricks, most of them aren't famous cause they can sing but for other reasons.. a combination of acting T.V./Movies, appearance, nude pics floating the web, etc. this includes:

Miley Cyrus

Raven Simone

Vanessa Hudgens

Lindsey Lohan


Screaming words like P!nk does don't count either~

Here's some examples of vocals I L O V E!


Youtube thumbnail


Youtube thumbnail

This has to be one of my fave Whitney songs:

Youtube thumbnail

Emi Hinouchi:

Youtube thumbnail

… (warning she singing in Japanese~ however I must say she was born and raised in NY and it's much easier for Asians to blow up in asia than UsA)

But I think you get the point... this are real singers.. not dancing hoochies who get paid just for existing, n offering up their bodies.

Please don't answer saying I'm racist either.. I'm not I would like to hear of alot more white female vocalist, I can name a buncha ethnic ppl who are good at singing but very few white female artists, I don't listen to radio much. I honestly just wanna expand my horizon.

Here's a list of the only white FEMALE artists I can think of, that I think actually can sing good:

Christina Aguilera

Anastasia (sp)

Maren (?)

Celine Dion

thats about it... i'd love to know more.

I also must say it feels as almost all the girls who have the voice of angelic goddess gets no love but for the skanky whores who sleep with the producers for labels do.... Its sad... I'd much prefer to have any of these beautiful voices echoed thru my ear phones then listen to Rhianna moaning like a cat about guys can get it if they want it/are big enough....

Stuff like>>

Youtube thumbnail

… I don't like really, its an ok song but, I'll play this song 5 times then get bored of it... where as songs where people actually put effort into the singing part actually stay in the back of my mind for further listening in the future. like Beyonce's: Halo or Christina's older song's.

If anyone wondering why i don't care about the Males, it's I know lots of men from all sorts of ethnicity that can sing pretty good some I like specifically from singles I can think of...are:

That dude from Maroon 5 (something to believe in)


Usher (he was ok)

David Mraz (No More <3)

Gavin Degraw (I don't wanna be!)

Ken Hirai

Tamer Hosny (Habibishoof (6_6y someone made me listen to this and i thought it sound so cool)

there's more but I don't specifically remember the artist on guys songs usually just the song... i don't like Chris Brownz musik tho, and Trey Songz is quite boring.. don't get me on the Beibler(sp) boi.

If this don't put our female pop artists to shame i dunno what DOES... and yes this is a boy not a girl>>

Youtube thumbnail

… (thats why all the dudes are like wdf)

I really miss when people actually try to sing, and when you pay a ticket for their performance they are singing not flopping around on stage like a bunny doing saying the words in the key of the back ground music.... (look at any of nikiminaj's live shows)

Sorry for legnth but I want to be thorough... I don't want crappy answers I wanna hear something I can enjoi listening to.

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    Hayley williams from paramore has an amazing voice.

    Dawn Richardson/Michele from Fireflight also amazes me.

    The lead singer of Evanescence.


    Lee Ann Rimes has some pretty good songs.

    Wynonna Judd. ya she has the most amazing country voice you will ever hear.

    Trisha Yearwood is great too.

    and the last one ill say is Francesca Battistelli.

    there are many white female artists that are amazing. they are just not so mainstream as everyone else because thats not the popular sound right now.

  • 10 years ago

    Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy- Almost Lover/Rangers/Whisper

    Florence & the Machine-Howl/Girl With One Eye

    Sarah Brightman

    Lea Michele

    Amy Lee

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    Well I think Hayley Williams the lead singer in the band Paramore has very strong vocals she's is one of my favorite singers too!

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    Carleigh Faith

    on iTunes, napster, amazon, myspace, facebook and youtube

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