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is Daniel Ortega having the last laugh that he outlived Reagan to become the communist president of Nicaragua?

Reagan said vowed to destroy the FSLN and Daniel Ortega, as did Bush Senior...and yet currently, Daniel Ortega is the president of Nicaragua.

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    he may profess to communism but it isn't a communist country. Communism can never exist for it gives the state too much power, thus breeding an autocratic totalitarian system such as Stalin's Russia. Only strasserist national socialism can truly deliver socialism.

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    NO !! Reagan will bypass down in popularity as quickly as each and all the peanut brains of the little one boomer technology die. For some reason, they gained't or won't be able to see the wear Reagan did to the country. historic previous isn't so style while Social protection and Medic help FAIL by using HIS BORROWING OF the money !!! Iran - Contra . President Reagan ought to have been impeached for this yet politics gained over the regulation. no person needed to question a universal President even nevertheless he broke the regulation. DEBT Reagan BORROWED 2 TRILLION money !!! He set the rage for the GOP by using fact the BORROW and SPEND celebration. AIDS what proportion lives have been lost by using fact Reagan performed politics with the info the CDC became giving him. It wasn't a countrywide concern until heterosexuals began to die from it. maximum have been contaminated from a blood supply that would desire to have been screened yet became deemed too severe priced and too plenty hastle for a ailment that killed homosexuals.

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