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Where can you find a cheap or free house rental agreement for the state of iowa?

We recently found out the contract we quickly drew up for a "friend" (no longer friends actually) Isn't a legal contract. (it was a rent to own contract but our lawyer said its more like a rental agreement cuz it doesn't describe the property for sale) So, we want to have a more legal one. we could pay our lawyer $150.00 for it but if there are cheaper versions or free Iowa law versions somewhere thatd be better.. We tried drawing up a legal property agreement and paid for it but the guy refused to sign it and our lawyer said that we shouldn't even try selling it to him anymore and make him do rental because its worse off for him he paid all that "rent to own" money for nothing. so that's what we are wanting to do to cover our butts..


for your information EDWARD FOX I have no sympathy for him because He has lied to us on numerous occasions as well as payments being late. he has accused my husband of sleeping with his soon to be ex wife He has accused my husband of doing drugs as well as trying to get him to do them.. WE ALL including him did not know you could not draw up your own contract He agreeed to the terms and signed it!!!! We TRIED drawing up a legal contract to CONTINUE SELLING him the house which was the same as the first one BUT MORE LEGAL FOR THE STATE OF IOWA. He refuses to sign it so our lawyer said to have a legal rental agreement drawn up and if he doesnt want to sign it then we can evict him and find somebody who wants to ABIDE BY THE LAW People make mistakes especially if it is in a hurry and it was because they had a fire in their apartment and it was deemed unsafe by the fire marshall so we kindly drew up this contract and then when him and his wife split he stopped paying on time and slandering

Update 2:

my husbands good name. We really tried being professional and civil but he has avoided our calls and is non willing to work with us so no one gets in trouble for breaking the law.. We gave him a choice to continue to buy the house with a legal contract The amount would have been the amount he owed we werent going to start over and make him pay the whole thing again but he refused and if he refuses to sign the new one he will be evicted because the only things that will change is no more remodeling and rent will be due the same time every month instead of their first paycheck of each month (they work together)

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  • 9 years ago
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    A legal contract is an written agreement outlining the responsibilities of each party to perform certain services or do certain acts. Now this document is to be signed by all the parties concerned. This becomes a legal contract. It does note get any more legal than that.

    If flaws in the contract are found, you amend the original contract not tear up the original and start from the beginning again. These amendments must be signed by all the parties to become legal and binding.

    How an attorney can declare a signed document not a legal document signed by all involved in the contract is beyond me. Oh yeah I forgot he did not get paid for doing it.

    A contract can not be overly in favor of one person or party, this would be an invalid contract even if signed.

    This person has a signed contract and legally whatever the contract allows as long as he does nothing to break the contract you might be in for a hard time getting rid of him or even attempting to get him to sign a brand new contract.

    If you break the current contract he might have legal recourse against you.

    Leaving all the personal stuff out of the situation and he said,she said, you might would want to sit down and see if you can mutually come to an agreement about each of you getting out of this signed contract that is, in my opinion enforceable in a court of law. This might benefit both parties and solve the issues you have.

    Make sure you get something in writing to the effect that this dissolve the contract between these parties, or something to that effect.

    For legal and tax matters you should contact your attorney and tax consultants.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

    "FIGHT ON"

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  • 4 years ago


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  • 3 years ago

    i could think of that 5 acres could be adequate for 2 canine and that's especially stated interior the hire indoor so which you're caught with looking out what the regulation on your area says. i'm going to guess the reluctance on the area of the owner replaced into because of you no longer asking beforehand and the subject that the outdoors canine could develop into an indoor canine if the climate have been given too undesirable. i could circulate lower back to your landlord with a plate of goodies and ask lower back correct. on the worst, it is going to court docket as an eviction and because this is worded that way, it could remember on the decide and case regulation. in case you're making an attempt to paintings with the owner the decide would be extra on your prefer a great style of the time. You win and you reside till the hire is up. You lose and it could desire to only be the canine that is going. do exactly no longer blow off going to court docket.

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  • Ed Fox
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    9 years ago

    Sorry but it seems rather risky to do business with you as you apparently don't really know what you are doing. If you were the one who had paid all the "rent to own" money and the vendor came back with a rental agreement, how would you feel?

    You appear to have no sympathy whatsoever for the guy you have messed around. The statement in your post refers solely and exclusively to covering your butt

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  • godged
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    9 years ago

    My suggestion is to pay the money to an attorney. This sounds like a mess already, so you probably should pay a professional to help clean this up rather than keep going the DIY route that has been tried and failed.

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  • 9 years ago

    Check with you local library and they should have ones that you could make copies of and use for the cost of using the copy machine, no more then .25 cents. Enjoy your rent to own home.

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  • 4 years ago
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