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What is all this new Portal stuff?

So I was on YouTube and after knowing, loving, (but never-playing) Portal, Portal Prelude, and Portal 2, I came across something odd: I found MORE Portal "games" such as- Portal Déjà Vu, Speedrun, and Map pack (or something like that). I have heard of, but never looked into, the flash version of Portal, but from the looks of the videos, they were CERTAINLY NOT flash. I am confused about them and what order I should play these in. Any and Every bit of info will help. I am just confused and curious.


I know that Portal 2 is not out yet but it has demos and testing gameplay videos as well as commercials. thats not the question though......

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  • Josh S
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    Besides Portal and Portal 2, these are all map packs created by third parties(non-official game creators), to increase your Portal gameplay experience. Map packs are just that-packs of maps made by other people that can be downloaded into your Portal files on Steam and then played ingame.

    Also, those videos of the Flash Version were probably of the flash version map pack, modeled after the real flash game and created by the same people. You can find the online flash version of Portal on many gaming websites, but I recommend the creators' official site,

    As for order, you should play the original, official Portal first to learn the game's back story and fundamentals. Then, you can play the map packs in no specific order. And be sure to get Portal 2 when Valve releases it next April.

  • LaAn
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    I didn't think Portal 2 would even be released until appx April 2011............

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