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Which Bruce Lee movie features an old bald white guy as villain?

There was a Bruce Lee movie where the bad guy was this old bald bastard who had a really twisted, evil laugh as he would feed his exotic fish in a fish tank. He meets his end by falling off a roof, crashing some neon lights on the way down... anyone know the name of this movie?

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    Was this Dean Jaggar as "Dr Land" in "Game of Death"?


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    I believe that movie would be.. Way of The Dragon. or The Game Of Death. Research video clips on youtube

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    ? dosnet sound like any bruce lee movie sorry..

    his movies

    1 big boss aka fist of fury

    2 fist of futy aka the chinese connection

    3 way of the dragon aka return of the dragon

    4 enter the dragon

    5 the game of death

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