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Will you back up Julian Assange for practicing freedom of expression through wikileaks or what do you think?


Rape .. was a mere Allegation to just get him arrested.. Peace..

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    I'm with you. Thanks to Wikileaks, we can get some idea of why much of the rest of the world thinks we are jerks -- they formed their opinion by dealing with our big cheeses (like the ones so hot about Wikileaks.) And yes, to me that rape charge smells of pure bogus.

    Go Julian! Tell it all!

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    Why is this question in R&S extremely than another area? Oh, properly... it fairly is properly worth an answer besides. Julian is the worst nightmare of all government companies - a powerfuble technical hacker and an rather valuable social engineering hacker who has actually no concept of the magnitude of the wear he motives. he's a cyber-psychopath; a bull in a china shop. i do no longer lower back his "freedom of expression" or "freedom of the click" because of fact i understand he's putting harmless human beings in possibility and he's harming international kin. I clearly wish he gets arrested on his rape expenses (now pending) so as that he can stand trial. If he's accountable, throw the e book at him. If he's harmless, enable him walk - on those expenses. in spite of the shown fact that, there is the subject of espionage expenses against the u . s . a . whilst we are technically in a state of conflict. this is not likely that he could be convicted on such expenses, yet whilst he have been, it fairly is probably a dying penalty offense. i do no longer think of he realizes extremely how lots difficulty he's in. I stated that PayPal has suspended his donations account, claiming that they think he's now appearing unlawful acts on his internet site. Many different communities have made it clean that they pick to distance themselves from him. They see him as floor 0 in something that could desire to be devastating if it gets too far alongside.

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    I don't believe in freedom without responsibility and that applies to everyone - rulers and ruled ones for everyone is a citizen and/or act on it's behalf.

    I am for revealing truth but in sensitive matters I am not worried with responsibles damages but with people, common people linked to any decisions at stake can't say the same.

    I would divide in two parts this all package: One i agree that in scientifical point of view might even be interesting, challenging in some impressions on rulers - seem inocuous almost chit chat even when so inconvinient = calls for an upper level at appreciations or when not simply reveal a sort of who's who to whom but with a touch of gossip around it. in fewer cases things might cause diplomatic troubles but who knows if the outcome is good or bad? the truth is with or without this the world is used to be a surprise so, will keep rolling is the only sure;second part I do not agree - weapons location look insane to reveal - in my opinion. This world is full of whacos and i don't believe is armless to do so.

    A chinese recent survey has placed the USA in seventh place in terms of world influence. Yes, probably a "directed" survey, a wish or so it seems. I believe other countries need and right to be big players doesn't imply any other to fall but desirably countries will be equal players in most important issues. My question since day one from this issue is - where and when will revelations on other countries jump to day light?????? Is this such "bad" country the worst in conducting international issues???????

    Hopefully demands on resignation have no private issues behind - would be nice to clear why is jumping to conclusions so fiercely screamed. Freedom of expression is a too big value to be enrolled in other issues than the truth. As much as if acusations on the author's behavior are dispicable if is a matter of personal attack and, not the truth

    With a bit more information I miss the point on this exposure - doesn't look so inocuous and harmless and the prejudice against The USA can't be this much irrational - in my opinion. Among developed countries used to freedom of speech attempts in truth about less good steps from responisibles, things have an impact can't be compared to undeveloped countries - in there human rights are not a priority and to play with their weakness is to play w balances too fragile for those people's countries. The lack of good sense is overwelming. On military questions is to bad to be true. People that decide other people's destinies from distant places are irresponsible to say the least. Any damage caused by this situation will hardly be fixed by their authors.

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    The guy published stolen confidential material. Allegation? I think you mean he was officially charged with the crime, a law professional looked the the evidence and in their trained opinion felt it merited criminal charges. I think that is a little more than a "allegation" don't you. I could allege alot of things but that would be conjecture.

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    Stealing other people's property and them dumping them onto the world stage without any discernable context is not my idea of responsible freedom of expression.

    Reminds of people who yell FIRE in a movie theatre.

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    I think if the first answerer were a true American, they would be for democracy and for the government not to hide things from us. Isn't the point of democracy to make all people equal? Why should things be hidden from us? There was very little in the leaked cables that an intelligent person couldn't have guessed at themselves. I think Julian Assange should be praised, and not denounced by the Swedish government as a rapist. I definitely support him.

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    More idiots saying he is to be praised for revealing classified documents. Wake up people. You are so freakin clueless it is PATHETIC. He is doing harm to not just the US but to all countries whose information he has chosen to publish. This isn't about "freedom of the press" it is about TREASON and ESPIONAGE. Plain and simple.

    Source(s): Common sense and a functioning brain
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    A monstruous egotripper who will affect us all.

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    No I'm a true American he needs to go to prison for life.

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