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how to decorate my purple room?

i am about to move. i have already painted my room light purple.

this is my bed (the white one):

i need links for a


cover for couch( it is a weird brown and i want a nice white mattress cover)



little throw pillows for bed and couch


chair for desk



coffee table

little side table for all the stuff for my tv( cable box, internet box, etc)

anything else that would look cute.

please note, if you don't have links to all these things, its okay. please answer anyways!

i want there to be little accents of purple and another color( idk what yet) in the room, but all the furniture to be white. i want it to be sophisticated but also look like a 13 year old lives there.

thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    You should try I would use silver as a accent color.

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