Is there a country music award show on tonight - dec. 5, 2010?

My parents both thought there was some type of "American Country Music" award show on tv tonight.. they said they heard about it on tv and I too remember hearing something similar advertised, but I don't see it on my comcast guide or anywhere online. Does anyone know if there is something like that on tonight? If not, in the near future, maybe?

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    Tomorrow night Fox is going to present us with yet more non-country being called 'country' music. Case in point: one of the featured performers/presenters is that country music superstar BRET MICHAELS.

    As Tim Wilson said, "I'm tired of Nashville's (butt) and their 'hand me a trophy award.'"

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    No, it's on tomorrow night on Fox.

    It's called American Country Awards!

    Source(s): My TV lol
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    Tomorrow night, Monday December 5. It's a new awards show called, simply, "American Country Awards," and it will be on whatever channel Fox broadcasts on in your area. Trace Adkins is the host.

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    i'm no longer a Miley Cyrus fan ,nor partial to her father,i think of somebody else must be internet hosting,besides, im watching the awards for the music,the nominees,and all of us else however the hosts.

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