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oxygen chemistry question?

A reaction should yield 4.41 grams of oxygen. What do you expect the volume to be @ 21 degrees celcius and .916 atm?

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    This problem gives you...

    -Grams (that can be converted to moles)

    -Temperature in Celsius

    -Atmosphere in atm

    These 3 are HUGE hints to use PV = nRT.

    And since you want to find Volume, you can re-arrange this equation to...

    V = nRT/P

    With this newly rearranged equation, you can find V, by plugging in each of the values given. Make note that since R = 0.0821 L*atm/mol*K in this situation, temperature must also be in Kelvins.

    T = 21 C + 273 K

    T = 294 K

    Also, we must change 4.41 grams oxygen to moles oxygen, as stated earlier:

    4.41 grams O2 x (1 mole O2/32 grams O2) = 0.138 moles O2

    NOW, plug your information into the equation:

    V = nRT/P

    = [(0.138 moles O2)(0.0821 L*atm/mol*K)(294K)] / 0.916 atm

    = 8.38 L O2

    Please make sure to check my work to make sure I have every number written down correctly.

    Good luck!

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