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Toni&Guy or Paul Mitchell?

I'm a high school student in Rhode Island, and I plan on being a hair dresser. I'm looking into going to Toni&Guy hairdressing academy. I've tried looking at other schools too, but Paul Mitchell and Toni&Guy seem like the two best. Can someone with experience give me their opinion between the two schools? Thank you so much if you answer this

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    Please save yourself A LOT of money by attending the more Affordable county vo-tech school (or community college) as opposed to those private overpriced for-profit tech schools such as 'paul mitchell, the school', 'empire beauty', 'marinello' and 'aveda' as long as the program is accredited within the industry. It might take the new hairstylist a couple of years to 'get a book' (of regular customers) before Possibly making decent money. Then the person would be struggling to pay rent and other necessities while repaying student loans.

    These consumer sites have negative posts by former students about those private $$ for-profit tech schools, and please heed the students' warnings: and can type into search.

    For US colleges (including community colleges):

    General career information: and can search 'barbers and cosmetologists' or such.

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    Paul Mitchell School Ri

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    I currently am going to Paul Mitchell. I decide on going here as I grew up in hair dressing and therefore around the various school. If you want to learn how to do edgy cuts and color only then go to Toni and Guy. If you want a well rounded education based on the ideals of "Sassoon" as well as a dabble in the edgy then go to Paul Mitchell. Be warned that Paul Mitchell holds its students to a high standard including dress code but I find the professional atmosphere refreshing.

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    Tony & Guy

    all the way:P

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