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Movies fans, "Julianne Moore" or "Julia Roberts"?

Who you think is a better actress?

BQ:Favorite Movie by Both?

Q(Optional): Do you think Julianne Moore" eve going to win an Oscar?

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    BQ: Moore - Evolution

    Roberts - Mona Lisa Smile

    she gets all the greatest roles

    BQ2: If she keeps on making movies, sure she will get an Oscar eventually. I think she has pretty good chances.

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    Julia Roberts has better movies.

    BQ: Favorite movie by Moore: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. Favorite movie by Roberts: Pretty Woman.

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    Julia Roberts!


    Julia- Pretty Woman or Erin Brockovich or Stepmom..NO! I know. Steel Magnolias, definitely

    Julianne Moore- Far From Heaven, fantastic film

    Definitely, if she starts choosing deeper roles like in far From Heaven. With films like The Big

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    J.Moore is exceptional! I hope she will win an Oscar, she deserves it!

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