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Middle Eastern/South Asian Singers?

Does anybody know any middle eastern singers who sing english songs? Like, they're middle eastern but live in another country and have occasional arabic/south asian phrases? for example: Massari, Karl Wolf, Raghav, Lomaticc...anybody know others like that? 10 pts to anyone who can give me the best ones! plez and thanks :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    I know only a foreign singers who sing english song with some indian phrases in their songs. for example,

    Nicole scherzinger ( russian half filipina and french) sings "Jaiho".

    Amita tata Young ( american half thai and laotian ) sings "machale dhoom".

    desert rose : string and Chab Mami

    beyond the snake : Shruti Haasan ( the singer is indian half arab.)

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  • ardaly
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    4 years ago

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