How can a teenager make money?

I'm fifteen and am looking to save up money for when I turn eighteen. I have a job as a cashier at market basket but they don't give me much hours b/c of my age. I save my change and any money I get but I want to get more income. I'm thinking about selling on ebay but will that bring in a lot of money?

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    I know 1 PTC* Websites which is trusted and 100% paying

    $0.01 for every ad u click

    $0.005 for every ad your referral click

    4-5 ads daily

    Instant payment via PayPal, AlertPay, LibertyReserve, NeTeller….

    How to earn more(I’m telling u how to earn money without spending(slow) If u spent some amount of money u can earn more and faster)

    Click ads for 20 days, U will make around $0.80

    Now it’s time for you to purchase some referral

    Purchase 3 rented referrals which costs $0.075 Click ads daily So that you earn from your referrals daily(It’s like this…If you click ads today you will earn from your referrals tomorrow)

    Now u will make $0.80 in 10-12 days

    Don’t Cash-out until u make 500 referrals

    How much can u earn

    Well It depend on how many referrals u have and what type of membership u have

    U have standard membership(which u get for free)

    U click 4 ads a day=$0.04

    U 250 referrals click 4 ads a day=500x(0.005x4)=$10

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    There is no limit how much can u earn if u have golden or ultimate membership

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    Good for you to work and save at this young age. You can try another store to add more hours, or babysitting for your neighbors. I would not suggest you to sell on Ebay, as Ebay needs constant attention and running to the post office. Focus on your school and work as a side track.

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    I make quick money through PTC sites. You get paid for viewing a site for about 30 seconds or less. Using one might be a slow process but doing it simultaneously on several PTC sites is a real good way to earn online

    Some legit paying PTC sites:

    I have only listed the long lasting PTC sites that have payment proof from members. There are a lot more but most of the PTC sites scam you off your money and do not pay.

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    Selling on Ebay can make you a lot of money so you'd better try it out!

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    Another spam post above. If I were you leave eBay alone. When a scumny thieving buyer tries to con you and eBay they make you pay and you get squat. Try writing sites for money. Etc... I'm 16 like you and makin money. Want advice? Email me.

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