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Why do Conservatives always say Obama has never really worked or accomplished anything in his life?

According to Conservatives, he was a Community Organizer all his life, spent 3 weeks in the Senate and then illegally became President, all with Affirmative Action programs because he didn't do any work on his own.

Okay Cons, put up your resume against his and I want to see if yours fares better...

Obama's resume:

-Worked at Baskin-Robbins in High School

-Punahou School High School Diploma

-2-year general education at Occidental College

-Graduated from Columbia University; Political Science Degree with an emphasis on International Relations

-Worked 1 year for the publishing and advisory firm Business International Corporation

- Worked for the New York Public Interest Research Group

- Worked as a community organizer for the church-based Developing Communities Project in Chicago. There, he helped set up a job-training program for Chicagoans, a college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants' rights organization.

- Worked as an instructor & consultant for the Gamaliel Foundation, a group that trains community organizers.

- Graduated from Harvard Law with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) magna *** laude. There, he was selected as editor of Harvard Law Review, and later the first black President of Harvard Law Review.

- Worked as a a summer associate at the law firms of Sidley Austin, and Hopkins & Sutter,

- Worked as a Constitutional Law Professor at University of Chicago Law School for 12 years, as both a lecturer and later a senior lecturer.

- Published two top-selling books.

- Served as Director of Illinois' " Project Vote", a voter-registration drive.

- Served on the Board of Directors for the Woods Fund of Chicago, and for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

- Illinois State Senator for 7 years.

- Chairman of the Illinois Senate's Health and Human Services Committee

- Was keynote speaker at 2004 Democratic National Convention

- United States Senator for 4 years.

- Became President of the United States.

Alright Conservatives, post your resume and see if it's deeper than his.

It seems to REALLY get under the skin of White Conservatives to admit a Black guy is far more educated, smarter, more eloquent, a better speaker, has earned more money, and has held higher positions than them. Just admit it. It's not the worst thing in the world.


Casey Forrest: I'm not sure what's "erratic" about it. You work at Applebee's and that's your best answer?

Update 2:

RC: When did I ever say that him being "black" is the reason he should be President? That's just a straw man argument you made up. There are plenty of "blacks" (and whites) that I wouldn't vote for. Alan Keyes is one. Allen West is another. And it isn't partisan either - I'd vote for Colin Powell.

Update 3:

Jacob W: I just wrote what his accomplishments were as community organizer. He established various job-training programs, college tutoring programs, and a tenant's rights organization. He also trained various other community organizer,

Also, college degrees from two Ivy-League schools would catch the eye of employers of "for-profit" organizations. And in case you've forgotten already, he has worked for various for-profit businesses in NYC.

I'm sorry he wasn't greedy enough for you where everything was profit-driven. The fact that he quit a higher-paying job in NYC to help poor people in Chicago get jobs and go to school, must be something you loathe.

Despite profits not being at the forefront of his causes, he still makes enough money that places him in the "top 2%" bracket. He seemed to do better at capitalism than anyone here; yourself included.

Update 4:

Jacob W: And no, that is not an "undeniable truth". That is a hypothetical scenario you made up, which is also based on opinion. There's no concrete way to determine who is more qualified and who isn't. Please know the difference between "truth" and "opinion".

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    The anal-retentive right-wingers would give their eye teeth to BE Barack Obama, but they know they don't have the goods to measure up to even half the man he is, so they resort to denial and denigration.

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  • 9 years ago

    No sir, his skin color doesn't get under my skin at all. His incompetence, his past association with racist ministers and domestic terrorists, his arrogance, his inability to tell the truth, his elitist attitude, and, for someone who has worked 'extensively' as a community organizer, his lack of ability to organize an effective leadership team --- these are some of the reasons I say he should not be our president.

    If you think because he is black, that automatically qualifies him for the job, then sorry, but you're the bigot. If you think people should cut him a break because he is black, then you're the racist.

    My resume?

    worked part time and summers on a cotton farm in the south from the age of 10

    worked at a shoe factory, on the farm, and service stations from graduation

    to the time I was drafted into the Army at age 19.

    Spent 20 + years in the Army, completing my degree in Business with a 4.0 grade average, was on the National Deans' List, and attained the rank of Master Sergeant in that period.

    Also, while in the Army. Worked approximately 6 years in military attache offices in US Embassies in Africa; Spent three years in Korea; traveled/worked short term in Europe and all around the African continent; Worked for 18 months on the Joint Staff in the pentagon.

    After the Army, have worked 17 years as a probation & parole officer in two different states.

    As "High-Falutin' " as your hero's? Nah, not even. But, I submit, I am probably more qualified to occupy a position of leadership than he will ever be.

    And, oh yeah, I'm black too - and a staunch conservative.

    So get off your high horse, and stop being such a bore. Obama is incompetent, and should not be sitting in the oval office, I don't give a damn what color he is. He's a disgrace to the country, and a disgrace to African Americans.

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  • 9 years ago

    Its all lies just like his birth certificate and his "hope and change" BS!.....

    Sorry i though i would help the cons.

    Cons politician resume:

    - Went to school ( passed cause daddy is rich)

    -Went to Harvard( got in cause daddy is rich and passed because daddy threatened to stop donating money)

    -Learned money= Power in Harvard. Seen how much money could be made in backroom politics.

    - Got elected to the local government. Learned a bunch of terms. Kissed babies, pet dogs, shake hands and learned to pickpocket while doing it.

    - Got elected as a state congressman. Hooked up with some local businessmen. Started pushing their agenda. Made some nice tips for getting a few bills passed they favored.

    - Got elected to the US Congress. Boy people are dumb. All you have to do is tell them what they want to here. Then tell them everytime you want reelected. They never pay attention to what i do for 4-6 years while i collect money. If only they knew i spend more time making backroom deals with DOD contractors and lobbyist than i do debating stupid bills.

    - Got elected president. Daddy says we need some oil reserves are or we are going to be in deep dodo. Let's see who can we take out that has a lot of oil that isn't really liked by anyone? Oh crap some crazy person just crashed into a building. What they came from the middle east!. Hmm Iraq has some of their group their according the CIA and they have oil.... Whoohooo..ATTACK!!!!!. oh crap i ran the economy in the ground by letting businesses do what they want. Oh well i cant serve again. I suggested we let the Dems win to party leaders so we could blame them about everything for 4 years. Then we capture Congress and the oval office and about that time all their programs will start to make the economy improve and everyone will think it was us.....I am a genius. Stupid Dems always trying to help people. The poor classes arent good for anything but working the (oil)fields.

    Source(s): Note: I didnt proofread just for effect:) i know i missed a few words here and there.
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  • 9 years ago

    With all due respect, that resume would not qualify him for a position in middle management in any for profit business. Try to find out what he accomplished in 7 years in the Illinois State Legislature. Illinois is perhaps the most corrupt State Government in America. What legislation did he sponsor that helped? What important legislation did he come up with? How many times did he take a courageous stand on controversial issues and how many times did he vote "present" rather than take a stand?

    Now that I think about it, what was his great accomplishment as a Community Organizer?

    Here is an undeniable truth for you. Whenever you see Barack Obama walk into any room full of people, he is most likely the least qualified and least experienced person in that room.


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  • tom
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    9 years ago

    You have people answering saying when is ge going to create real jobs?

    Maybe people need some perspective.

    Reagan and his then months of 10%+ unemployment and his six years of 7%+ and the republicans think of him as a great man.

    Obama has kept this recession down to three months 10%+ unemployment, but the republicans seem to make out that this is worse than Reagan.

    Bush started it all, but they seem to ignore this. Obama is fixing the situation, but EVERY recession takes time for unemployment to go down.

    Maybe the republicans think that not spending money is the way forwards. The Irish did that and have now been bailed out by the British who did what Obama is doing!!! WHich one is the better?

    McCain would have done a Reagan, or perhaps worse.

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  • Draco
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    9 years ago

    So instead of offering adoration and praise of this "brilliant" man, why not find out why ALL his scholastic records and documents relating to his college/university days ( including the ONE and ONLY one Review he supposedly did in his entire time as President ) are kept SECRET from the public through power attorneys ? His "professorship" has been challenged since many of his colleagues don't remember when or how he received a "professorship" since he was NEVER registered to practice Law in Illinois.

    His time in the Illinois Senate was a revealed as MORE "mark as present" than he actually spent time.

    And since 30% of his entire LIFE history can not be verified, except by Obamas own personal web site, I would say your accepting the "smoked" Obama, as prepackaged by his "puppeteers".

    Think maybe Obama can't allow his scholastic records to EVER be released, since it would clearly indicate he was a "foreign exchange" student ?

    Answer: Nobody in YA was running for POTUS so why should there be a "comparison". Even Palin has more experience and knowledge in individual "categories" than Obama. And of course, all his experience as a community organizer, qualifies him for Commander in Chief, right.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He worked at Baskin-Robbins and went to school...good for him *shrugs*

    Hitler was a better speaker, more powerful, a unifyer, also wrote a best selling book, didn't smoke, and brought Germany out of the worst depression the world has seen and made it one of the most powerful nations in the world.

    What has 0bama done to actually bring the US out of the recession and create REAL jobs? He has actually divided the country more than George Bush did.

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  • John W
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    9 years ago

    Worked at Baskin-Robbins in High School part time, ok I will count that one

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  • 9 years ago

    Is that always like Robb's Teamspeak server is always up?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Except Baskin Robbins, which of those jobs was he competent at?

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