I heard its a threat to our nation. Can anyone elplain how? And give references to the leaks please :) I have no idea what th4eat is hete but I ould like to know

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    10 years ago
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    You heard it's a threat to your nation because people in power in your nation have committed crimes against you, other citizens, and your constitution, they're afraid of being individually and collectively found out and removed from power, and so they're spreading lies against those who threaten them.

    Wikileaks is simply publishing the truth of criminal behaviour. They've been very responsible about blanking out anything that could put soldiers in danger and things like that. If you see anyone insulting wikileaks, you should think one of two things: a) they're idiotic sheep who've believed what they're told without thinking about it; or b) they're on the wrong side.

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    It's not a threat to the nation. It's a threat to politicians and government employees who don't like the truth being told and don't accept Freedom of the Press!

    So those politicians and government employees just pretend that it's a threat... Adolf Hitler used to say that if you tell a big enough lie, more people will believe you.

    How can freedom and specifically Freedom of the Press threaten the nation? Answer - it can't!

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    Wikileaks -- accessible even if their domain name is outlawed or cut off -- is reachable at and at many mirror sites world-wide.

    The site accepts submissions of "whistle-blower" status, like questionable practices of big corporations and governments.

    This ongoing revelation of diplomatic cable content from the US government is responsibly screened and checked with the US government to reduce exposure of sources to danger from retaliation. That submission to the originator has always happened. The US government officially responded and Wikileaks removed some content as requested. Not all of course -- the fox protecting the hen-house sort of thing, you know!

    Wikileaks, in summary, is a responsible but highly controversial Freedom of Information site and has been praised for its revelations by responsible news media worldwide. Google for Wikileaks like I did and educate yourself too.

    From the Wikileaks site referencing the diplomatic cables currently being released, they say:

    "This document release reveals the contradictions between the US’s public persona and what it says behind closed doors – and shows that if citizens in a democracy want their governments to reflect their wishes, they should ask to see what’s going on behind the scenes."

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    Well anytime secret government documents are released it exposes other people involved as well, who may be innocent but by association deemed guilty. I'm all for government transparency, though what this guy Assange does is not, these documents are basically just notes between classmates with petty insults thrown in, there is nothing "earth shattering" about these documents, just propaganda by Julian Assange to make himself appear "bigger" than he actually is. That being said there is still a threat in there, because we still have men and women on the ground, so with these secret communications being released it fuels the fire that organizations will use against us and thereby putting our soldiers in harms way. Anyone who says this is about exposing the gov't is an idiot, because if ANYONE believes the gov't is actually telling you the truth about ANYTHING, they are deluded and propagandized to believe anything. Since about 1920ish, our government has operated in secret meetings and board rooms and refuse to tell the truth to the american populace.

    It's one thing to release documents revealing political trappings when they mean something to current policy, it's another thing to reveal documents that have "school girl cat fights" written all over them, simply to boost your own self-importance. Assange is trying to make himself appear a martyr when his sole intention is to basically just make the USA look bad. I'm sorry but as messed up as our politics are, there are ALOT of other countries who have just as bad track records if not worse than ours, this is just a self-advertising campaign by Assange at the expense of the US.

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    10 years ago

    It's not a huge threat. Like we're not going to be invaded by anyone because of this or anything. What it does do however is expose the people that are feeding us intelligence in foreign countries. This could cause problems for those people (because it's treason to spy on your own country for another) and now we are no longer getting that information about that country that might help prevent future conflicts.

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