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Why do Filipinos seem to have a very egotistical sense of pride?

I'm not trying to offend anyone here, I do love Filipinos and I am part Filipino myself but I've always wondered why do Filipinos have such an egotistical sense of pride? It's like every little bit of good just one Filipino does the whole country/race tries to take credit for. Like how some Filipinos brag about how smart and talented we all are because so many are nurses or because Charice has mediocre international fame. Also the moment someone says something inaccurate or offensive about Filipinos they backlash and attack you like crazy. Now, I know not all Filipinos are like this since I've met many who aren't but it seems like a majority of the Filipino race is like this. I personally don't like it and we tend to get a bad reputation for it. I'm all for having pride in your country and race but when you get really egotistical and arrogant about it it's really annoying.

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    As a Filipino or Pinoy myself, I often ask this question. But in my own conclusion, we FILIPINOS since we are NOT that great in the very beginning of time. I know everyone will lash back at me but the TRUTH SHALL SET US ALL FREE. But being a Filipino is being stubborn to admit that. We have a very egotistic sense of PRIDE because we have no sense of PRIDE from the very start.

    LET me explain my theory or conclusion. We do not have a century of pride and self value. Before Magellan discovered the Philippines in 1521 we do not have a culture or prestige way way back like 1281 or 1100 BC. There is no known writing or scripture to look at about Filipinos in the 13th or 14th century unlike the Europeans or the Italian for example it is where the so called word "renaissance" is born. As definite by Webster-the transitional movement in Europe between medieval and modern times beginning in the 14th century in Italy, lasting into the 17th century, and marked by a humanistic revival of classical influence expressed in a flowering of the arts and literature and by the beginnings of modern science. Do we have already ARTS or SCIENCE long before the Spaniards came to our shore? None whatsoever. We do not have anything for Spain to conquer us. That is why I'm surprise why did Spain colonize our country for? They found that people that comprise the Philippines then were ignorant about the world and it is time for them to be taught about science and religion.

    AND it is only now that we are finding our VALUE as a FILIPINO NATION that is why the sense of PRIDE are being ushered in our present time. There was no such thing after the war of 1945 nor the beginning of 1950's or 1960's. We are just an ordinary nation like the rest of Southeast Asia then. We are considered TIGER OF SOUTHEAST ASIA in the 50's and the 60's. If you can still ask your great grandmother she will tell you it is so. In the 70's it is when the decline of our race and the crumble of our economy started. If a young and brilliant leader handle the 70's with great pride and honor I do not think this is what the Philippines is now. In the 70's if it continued the wealth of our country and handle so well we could be the LION OF SOUTHEAST ASIA. But the reverse happen. We are NOT SMART actually, talent like Charice, Arnel or even the popularity of Pacquiao will come and go but the Philippines will stay as it is. When one says about offensive words against PINOYS we are already UP IN ARMS. Because we easily hurt because we have nothing but our NAME and OUR COUNTRY that's it. Like the 2 famous case of BBC of showing a PINAY dancing in front of his employer who is a British entertaining him we immediately file a protest about the program and remember the famous tv hit series "desperate housewife" when the scene of a doctor and a lady, the doctor said " I will recommend you a doctor if you like", and the lady said "yes BUT NOT FILIPINO DOCTORS". Our embassy immediately demand to remove that portion of the show. And there is also a DICTIONARY in the UK that definite a FILIPINA as a DOMESTIC HELPER. We again demand that it is remove from the dictionary. They did remove it. But did you find movies that depict CHINESE as drug dealer or Thai as drug dealer or a KOREAN or JAPANESE as gangster in a movie didn't you? But did they protest? No. It is part of intellectual property to depict or portrait who they think suit the role but imagine A FILIPINO GANGSTER in a movie shot in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA, we will see again FILIPINO COMMUNITY filing a protest about that film. See how small our brain cell are? Why there are no BAD FILIPINO in this world? There are. We call it in PILIPINO as ONION SKIN. We easily hurt for throwing mud in our face. The biggest problem with PINOYS are that we are sensitive in every issue. That is why do not be surprise all the movies or the soap opera on tv are PINOYS CRYING all the time, we are A WEAK NATION but Pinoys do not want to admit it or pretend we are not. WE ARE IN A SONG, THE GREAT PRETENDERS. This is our race of people either you love it or hate it, just pick a choice.

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    It's really cool that you were careful to say that not all of us are like that, it's very respectful and it's a good thing since no one should really ever generalize a race for the traits or actions of a few members. But to answer your question, a lot of Filipinos do have this personality cause I think we lack something to be proud of. Our culture has been really ruined over the years and it's continuing to deteriorate until today. The government, too, in the Philippines is one of the most corrupt and ineffective in the world. Our country's extremely poor, and it lacks the protection of our human rights, too. Who would be proud of that, right? That's why a lot of Filipinos take pride in these shallow things like Charice and Pacquiao and the number of nurses there. It's not that wrong, though. Although it is annoying. But I guess most of our countrymen wouldn't be so shallow to be proud of these things if we had bigger things to take pride in.

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    Not all, others are also think of some possible ways to settle any arguments, but what you seen as a part reaction, any race has same manner if they knows that there are some offensive reactions or words towards them.

    But you already know that Filipinos are a fighter and history counts it, especially on what Magellan did against the Spanish, their heroes when Japanese conquer them and some offensive actions when Americans take their freedom, they fight for it for so many years and those things had been grave on the heart of some.

    If they seen some accomplishments for what others did to raise their pride, then it's time for them to step and show how proud they are be, because if they unite on bitterness, then there is no reason they won't appreciate things that some had accomplish.

    Be proud for what you are, because it is who you are, don't let those changes govern your emotion because freedom is great if you will not going to grab it from someone, but you must know your limitations.

    Just learn to play your role.

    Good luck


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    I have to agree with you, I see this in every video comment on youtube and it is getting annoying. I think it's just that the Philippines is a developing country and Filipinos just take pride that one of their fellowmen has been successfully garnering attention internationally and competing with countries like America. I also have to agree that Filipinos really are sensitive when they get criticised, like the Chinese blogger who said that the Filipinos are popular for having many domestic helpers outside the country, which in fact is true. If you try to watch Filipino movies you could see that they discriminate black people and calling them "*****".

    Whatever the story behind our "egotistical sense of pride" I think we should also be a better person and give Humility a chance.

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    I hate it and makes me feel shameful when I see Filipinos on Youtube commenting "He's half-Filipino! FILIPINO PRIDE!!!" when no one's asking anyway. Also, most react negatively when you point out OBVIOUS flaws of the country! That's stupid.

    They're mostly annoying teens and most sound uneducated. Although there are cases that I just don't get like what I've experienced some time ago--- A working guy's arguing that the Philippines is not a third world country. His reason: He works in a bank and he gets calls from Canadians begging him to allow them to make loans. Yes, that is his argument and I am not kidding.

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    Egotistical sense of pride? That's a good way of putting it, anyway you made some sweeping statements there even though I notice that you did try to temper them. And as I have said many times, we just cannot generalize or even label any culture or people like that, especially your own but ironically Filipinos are known for that--we just love to bash our own, well the Americans do that too. Anyway I wouldn't brag about Filipinos being talented or about how we are a country of nurses or about Charice or anything like that, but I cannot really put down those who do. In their minds or the conditions they are in right now, they probably have a perfectly good or logical reason to do so.

    If you tallk and mingle with many other people of any race, you are bound to find a lot of those types as well (many of them a lot worse), for the Philippines does not own a title to that.

    Lastly, if you tend to see a lot of Filipinos that are like that, I suggest you find a different set of friends and stay away from those types or let them be.

    I am not a nurse, even though every Jose, Maria, John or Laquisha here in LA, assume me or my wife to be one. Which is most times annoying already. (But even if I am, I wouldn't be bragging about it).

    My sister is a doctor licensed to practice in three different States and she has lots of Filipino/Filipina doctor friends (mostly graduates of Medical Schools in the Philippines) practicing in the US and in Europe but nobody seems to be bragging or even talking about that. Why? Because they don't need to.

    Two of my other siblings are Engineers, they are also here in the US, but nobody brags about them as well. I mean, let those that do, do that, we can't stop them anyway. Peace.

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    I agree with you and both my parents are Filipino. I asked a question much like this one:;_ylt=ArVu4...

    And this article from should help to answer your question--- It's not a hate page against Filipinos just so you know.

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