help! questions about beauty and friend?!?

okay..please don't say im shallow if your not planning on helping me...

Q1: my friend is way prettier than me.....shes not like 'oh im so pretty!' but the exact opposite she says shes ugly and fat all the time(shes not) and lately all the cute boys have been all over her nd my OTHER friend says im pretty but shes prettier..hes not being mean or anything but starting to see how pretty she is can i get over this?

Q2: whats some cool ways to do my hair for school? i have thin, blond, hair a little past my shoulders and usually straighten it bc it looks frizzy or oily any other way it seems.

Q3:how should i do my makeup? i have blue eyes and fair skin..


PS: i will answer your question if you have one and you answer one or more of these

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  • 9 years ago
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    Q1: omg similar problam! my friend has changed alot recentley, and yesterday at our dance she got asked out 5 times, i was like WTF? but what im gonna do is try new makeup, hair, etc. to find styles that flatter me. i also read fashion magizenes like seventeen...{you dont have to be seventeen to reat it! :Pim 14 but theres suchh good articals in there about beauty!} :D


    Q3: I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT EYELINER :D definitley try it~! make shure you get roll on tho... it works the best. it really flatters the eyes heres what it looks like..

    but it honistley depends on how much u put on, but i usally put on eyeliner, mascara, loreal cover up & blush, and navy blue eyeshadow

    hope i helped :D

  • 9 years ago

    1)Well first off: everyone is pretty in their own special ways :) as cliche as that sounds. She may seem prettier than you to some boy, but to another, you could seem prettier than her. Keep that in mind.

    2)I curl my hair like everyday for school and I always get compliments on it. My hair is frizzy too. You could try using a fat curling iron to make soft curls, and then take a small section of the front of your hair where you part it...then braid it, and place it across the side of your head and secure it with a hair clip :) for the frizz, just use something like john frieda's frizz-ease, or got 2 be's smooth operator once you're done styling!

    3)don't go overboard. try a little black or brown eye liner. maybe some mascara.

    and a nudey-pinkish lipgloss or lipstick would be nice. natural is always better.

    if you have any problems with your skin you could use a tinted moisturizer & a powder.

    maybe try some natural looking blush, or bronzer :)

    hope this helped <3

    & remember this: you are beautiful no matter what they say ;) lol

  • 9 years ago

    Q1: There are two ways to get over it the shallow way and the mature way. The shallow way would be to try and make your self even prettier, but you might lose your friend in the process. The mature way is to love your friend because shes pretty in her own way and your pretty in your own way.

    Q2:You could put it in a side pony tail, you could braid it, half up-half down, or twisty bun. If you comb it right after you get out of the shower and don't use a brush it will look better. Also try blow drying it after you get out of the shower.

    Q3: If you use foundation and cover up only use a little and make sure its your shade. For your blue eyes I would use a light blue color to highlight them and a thin layer of eye liner and lengthening mascara. For something fancy you could use light purple glittery eye shadow or a gray.

  • 9 years ago

    I am a blonde just like you, and I Absolutely love the monarch palette from smashbox. It has three shades a really light shade that I use for highlighting a bronze and and charcoal. All three shades come shimmery and matte. I use the bronze for my day look and the charcoal for a night look. The bronze shade is Beautifull and it makes blue eyes really stand out.Unfortunatelyy you cant buy it at a store anymore but i always find it on ebay.

    Hope this helps!!

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  • 9 years ago

    a1: feel good for your friend. it's a good thing that she's not being all 'haha i'm soo much more prettier than you'. and, think that you yourself is pretty! all that matters is if you think your pretty. this might sound crazy but... if you think your pretty, i'm sure that you'll start appearing pretty to others too. and, since that guy said that you were pretty, there must be other guys that think your pretty too!

    a2: you can curl it, scrunch it, crimp it, braid it (omg there are so many styles of braiding! braid your bangs, french braid, fishnet braid, butterfly braid, etc etc), tie your hair up cute, and, youtube is your best friend for new ideas to wear your hair.

    a3: again, youtube is your best friend and will help you. but, you can always go to a cosmetic shop/section and look for eyeshadows or eyeliners that are specifically made for your eye colour to stand out and pop! a lot of guys are attracted to pretty eyes. if you already wear powder, foundation, concealer, etc, you can try to use a light light blush. maybe a light pink? or you can use a bronzer... you can apply your blush or bronzer to make your face look a bit skinnier. for your lips, you can try to use a nude lip stick, and apply a very light pink gloss over it, to make your lips seem a natural pink. try not to go to school with like, BRIGHT red lips. it's just.. a bit out there. also, don't wear crazy coloured eyeshadows to school... like, don't go crazy and start applying a hot pink, baby blue, bright green, neon red, and majestic purple for eyeshadow.. keep it simple, yet sophisticated.

  • 9 years ago

    Q1: you just need to realize that every one has different qualities.. but it'll probably bother you for a while... you'll get over it soon enough though. trust me.

    Q2: you could take a section of your front hair, braid it, and pin it back. another idea is a side braid. try french braiding it over night then taking it out in the will look good.

    Q3: guys like natural. but purple makes blue eyes pop out. try purple eyeshadow, black mascara, and minimal eyeliner-plum, charcoal, light brown.

  • 3 years ago

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