Electrical engineering and electronics engineering?

I chose electrical engineering as my major in college, but what I actually want is electronics engineering. I just want to confirm electronics engineering is a sub division of electrical right?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Electrical Engineering degrees have a lot of different branches. Everyone starts about the same, learning the basics of electricity, current flow and all that stuff... You've gotta walk before you fly.

    After that, you can stay in Electrical Engineering, which handles things like the design of plant wiring, home wiring and such stuff.

    Electrical Engineers then branch out into different specialties... aircraft electrics, AC power generation and distribution, and so forth... The electrical controls within manufacturing machinery including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), motor controllers, vision systems are often handled by electrical engineers; many with additional training in Mechanitronix (the mix of electrical & mechanical systems).

    Electronic Engineers lend themselves more toward the components on a PC board. You may think of personal computers, but they design everything from TV formats & cameras, to the electronics in your car or the design of those PLC systems. Electronic Engineers can also specialize in the design of the integrated circuits themselves.

    What you study and how specialized you choose to become depends on your interests and the schools available to you.

    Many engineers start off in one direction, but because of job changes, their direction of interest changes and they find themselves going entirely different directions later in their career.

    When I started, I did most of my engineering in the Broadcast industry... but I find myself 30 years later heavily involved in machine control, computers and mechitronics.

    Good luck to you.. absorb all you can... and keep in mind that you will need to keep learning for the rest of your life as this field continuously changes.

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    Yes, Electronic Engineering is in the category Electrical Engineering. The first semesters likely share the same classes. As you progress, you will begin to take classes specific to the particular type of Electrical Engineering you choose. Remember: only losers quit. It may take you years to acquire your degree but you will never regret it. Just keep trying. Don't give up.

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