Toddler Beds vs. Twin Beds?

Hey everyone. My daughter turned 2 in September, and she's been having some sleeping issues. She has always slept in her own crib, but lately she doesn't want to sleep in it. She would rather sleep on our couch! LOL It makes me think she is ready for a change. So my husband and I were thinking about getting her a Disney Princess Toddler Bed for Christmas. I showed it to her, and she loved it. I think this will be the best decision for her since she is so petite, and I really don't think she is quite ready for a twin bed. Also, where we are currently living, her room is kinda on the small side. But I have a lot of people telling me it's pointless to buy a toddler bed since in a few years she will need a twin. I think it's best to get her a smaller bed for now and try to get her back to sleeping good in her room and then later on get a twin bed. What do you think? Thanks is advance for all of your help!! I really appreciate it!! =)


There is not enough room in her bedroom for a twin bed and her crib.

Update 2:

We found an adorable toddler bed for $50 new. Most twin beds are WAY over that, unfortunately.

Update 3:

Yes, her crib turns into a toddler bed, but it's kind of too high up in my opinion. It's not as low as I would like it. And honestly, I don't want her to have her mattress on the floor...I want her to have some sort of bed.

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    Yes. Get the toodler bed. Even though alot of other people go from crib to twin dosnt mean you have too. A Twin bed is ALOT bigger than a toodler bed and a toodler bed would be easier and cheaper to set up in her small room. And since toodler beds are cheaper and have princesses on them and she likes princesses then that will be very good for her!! Going from crib to toodler bed is a big change, but if you got a toodler bed thats just her size and it will fit nice in her room. Its not that expensive for the toodler bed so I say get it for her she will be very pleased. Good luck! And I hope your daughter loves her new toodler bed! I know if I were a 2 year old and I had a choice I would chose the smaller one becuase it would be more my size and has the patterns on it. I even think a toodler bed is a better idea becuase twin beds fit up to aduts which means its too big for a 2 year old.

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    Does your crib not turn into a toddler bed?

    The option to buy a toddler bed now and in a couple of years later buy a twin bed is expensive. Perhaps you can put the crib mattress on the floor and see if she likes that.

    Otherwise, I suggest to go ahead and buy a twin bed. My 3.5 twin girls are in twin bed now. They started when they were 2.5 years old with the mattress on the floor. Then we both just the bed metal frame with a bunkie board. That's what they are on now. It's lower to the floor so if can get in and out without any help and if they fall it's not too high. Though I do use a bedrail.

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    While cost wise it is more efficient, a toddler bed is a great choice. It is still the size of a crib and ives her the feeling of security. We tried putting our son right into a twin, and because it was so big, it caused him stress. Sometimes kids like the feeling of smaller areas. Even at 2 anything that can slightly remind them of the womb is comforting. It's all subconscious. The bigger open space can sometimes be not so comforting. It depends really on the child. My daughter is the same way as my son and we just turned her crib into a toddler bed, whereas my friends daughter went right to a twin with no problems.

    This is what our OT for our son told us.

  • get the Disney princess toddler bed, they're cheap enough and you won't have to buy a mattress or new linens for it- the ones from the crib will fit it!

    Plus you'll probably get about 5 years of use out if it, not bad considering a lot of people will spend $400 on a crib they'll only use for a year or so!

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    i personally find toddler beds to be a complete waste of money, why spend hundreds on a bed that shell use for a year, two years tops, and then youll have to buy a whole new bed. instead, i would get a twin bed and put rails on it until im sure that she wont fall out and shes big enough to take the fall.

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    the twin bed will fit your child thru adulthood -a wiser purchase. set it up in the room next to the crib, lower the crib rails, and let the child decide where to sleep. within 2 weeks, you can pack up the crib for donation or storage.

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