Question about my characters?

I know it's a little long but PLEASE answer it, I'm begging you. I will give 10 pts, promise. Please give me a real answer, I've been getting answers and it's obvious people aren't reading the question

Okay I wrote the book already, but I need to edit and people have said 3 of my characters personalities are too simliar, and I agree so I want to change it up.

Characters are:

William/Ian Barnes - Postive attitude, comedic relief, helps them all get through all of the tough things they need to get through

Kasaika (no last name) - Stubborn, thinks she's smarter than the rest of them, but ultimately is a good friend and helps the rest of them (didn't mean to make her a main character, just sort of happened lol)

OKAY...these next two are the two main characters and someone gave me a great answer earlier and now I want one character to be the doer, like they can't sit still and always wants to take action and the other to be a thinker and thinks they should have everything planned and talk through everything before they take action. I also want it sort of like Science vs. Faith, not literally like hundreds of years ago how the church didn't like science, but I want one to be like they don't want to do anything or won't believe anything unless there's proof and the other just trusts their feelings and goes by faith, maybe not Christain religous faith, but you get what I mean right?

Evan/Jordan (can't decide name, wrote book using Evan, no last name yet)

Alex, short for Alexandra, so obviously she's a girl (no last name)

SO...who should be Science and who should be Faith, or who should be the doer and who should be the thinker?

By the way this is all so unorganized because this is my book from last month's NaNoWriMo lol

Or Ian/William could be Science or Faith and someone else becomes the postive comedic relief person. What do you think? And I'm also wary of making Alex the thinker because I do NOT want people to think I'm making her like Hermione, this book is nothing like harry potter


*Also for the Faith one, it's more like they think everything happens for a reason and they trust what happens to him and trust fate, it's not they trust their feelings in a girly way...if that makes sense.

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    William/Ian Barnes - Doer, Faith

    Kasaika - Thinker, Science



    You didn't give any info on those two, you just wrote their names.

    Good luck.

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