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police officer rent discount?

if your a police officer will an apartment complex give you a discount? since you could keep people safe or whatever.

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    There is a greater chance of a good deal in larger cities, but to tell you how it works there are 3 levels of obligation for rent reduction, or no rent at all. Although 2 and 3 often work together.

    1. This is the best one. You are given a nice rent reduction just for living there. The owner believes that just your occasional presence is enough of a crime deterrent, and will promote a feeling of security by current residents, and be a selling point for future tenants, while keeping the scumbags from wanting to live where a police officer lives.

    2. They issue you a pager or c-phone and expect you to respond to tenant issues when the office closes. This means people that are locked out at 3 AM. This can conflict with your work schedule and has to be worked out with the manager. Sometimes they will intentionally look for an officer/Detective who works straight day shift. Be prepared to have no life.

    3. All of number 2 plus a walk around the complex at specific times schedule.

    The only financial advantage to 2 and 3 is you usually live rent free, but you are left to the mercy of whoever is managing the property. However, sometimes when you're a young rookie strapped for cash you have to endure a few months of this to for financial freedom. Personally, when they start changing from 1, and pushing 2 and 3, it's time to move out.

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    We had one apartment complex in our town that offered reduced rent for a officer to serve as a liaison between the tenants and the management. The officer moved after the first month because he was constantly bombarded with petty things.

    The money he saved was not worth all the interruptions during his off duty time.

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    It used to be that many apartment complexes gave police officers a rent discount if they had a take home car. I don't think its that prevalent any longer.

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  • Anonymous
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    Yep, lots offer. Every guy I know who picked up on an offer like that regretted it within a few weeks.

    Our city offers a large down payment if a cop buys a house in a desingated "troubled" area.

    Again those that accept rue the day.

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    They are usually in a distressed (dangerous) neighborhood. So you have to be something of a pioneer.

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