What are some of the most famous landmarks in Prague?

I don't know much about Prague, so I was wondering.


Thank you guys so much! You've been very helpful so far. Wow, it's definitely a beautiful city with an interesting history and I hope to visit the Czech Republic one of these years.

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    The center of Prague and the nation revolves around the Prague Castle, under the city of Prague had emerged in the 11th century. Prague castle is the most important landmark of the nation. Within this 1200 years old structure dominating the city skyline, is a cathedral of St. Vitus. This is the burial site of the kings, treasury of the royal insignia, and resting place of the Czech's saints like Wenceslaus, Procopius and Adelbert. Within the structure of the Prague castle is also St. George monastery (Museum of Medieval Art), the oldest building in Prague; royal palace, and Gothic chapel of All Saints.

    Second hill on Prague skyline, Strahov, is dominated by abbey and large convent, currently the national library. Between Strahov and Prague Castle, my favorite street is New World and Loretto monastery. Within the Prague castle gardens, there is another landmark, Renaissance building called Belvedere, currently ongoing renovation.

    Below castle, Lesser Quarter, is the largest Baroque building in Prague, the St. Nicolas church. All Lesser quarter is attractive, with Romanesque church of Our Lady under chain, recently renovated St. Thomas monastery, Kampa Island, many palaces. The left and right bank of Prague is connected by Charles Bridge, which gives you both view on the castle and Old town. This is probably one the most magical places in Prague, especially early in the morning in the summer, when all tourist sleeps. Charles bridge ends in square that is surrounded by monastery, Gothic bridge tower, and Jesuits convent. Old town gravitate toward the Old town square, where Town hall, Tyn church, St. Nicolas, dominate. Old town is extensive.. nice landmark are St. Agnes convent, St. Ann, St. Martin, St. Gilles, and St. Gallus churches. Bethlehem chapel is associated with John Huss and the reformation movement in Bohemia. Among public places, Uhelny trh, Parizska street, Karlova, Jakubska, Melantrichova and especially Celetna street are the best for picture shots.

    Jewish quarter is small, but only a few ancient landmark survived rebuilding boom of 1900s. Old-New synagogue and cemetery are the most known, but there are other landmarks like Pinkas and Spanish synagogue. The commercial life of Prague is revolving around New Town where the Wenceslaus Square between Museum and Mustek divides this city area in two parts . North of there is the most expensive shopping street in the country, Na Prikope decorated by 19th century banks, shops, and palaces. In this part you will find also Powder Gate, the only remains of the Gothic fortification. South of it, is National Theater, and Church of Our Lady of Snow, which was planned in medieval time as the central parish church in the city, but due war and later fire, it was never completed. In this area you can find several medieval landmarks, like Faust house, Karlov monastery, and Emauzy, the second largest Gothic complex in the city, unfortunately bombed out in 1945, and being finally reconstructed.

    The least known part of medieval Prague for tourist is Vysehrad, which was citadel protecting city from south. Due wars and military, the royal palace is gone, but the monumental Gothic church of Peter and Paul survives, surrounded by Slavin cemetery and best preserved baroque fortification in the city.

    Within the city limits, other landmarks are Zizkov hill, Bertramka (museum of Mozart), Troja chateau, and Brevnov monastery (first male convent in the country).

    Source(s): Czech native.
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    Prague castle, koniprusy caves, sumava

    also another cool place is this unknown place called the magical cavern, its an artist building that he made to look to like a crazy colorful cave with his paintings posted everywhere, he even has sangria or wine and music to add to the ambiance..there's a park you can walk through that's over the bridge just keep walking up. there is a restaurant at the top you can also see the castle from there, to the right you will see this random cavern, dont be alarmed, its amazing.

    also the jewish quarter is really a site, its of course sad, but worth it.. one of the quarters is the jewish synagogue it is gorgeous on the inside

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    - Old Town (Staré Město) with its Old Town Square

    - The Astronomical Clock (Orloj) on Old Town Square - the Orloj is really cool clock, you have one ring with numbers like a regular clock, another with zodiac signs, than you have one half in bright color (the sun) and the other in black color (the night) ...

    there are like statues on this tower from a skelleton which represents death to a Turk with a money bag (greed)

    - above the clock you have like several windows which open every day only at noon exactly for 30 seconds when the apostles appear.

    - The charles bridge

    - Josefov (the old Jewish quarter) - here you'll find old Jewish cemetery and Old New Synagogue

    - The Lenon wall - wall with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles songs

    - The Dancing House - it's really cool looking building, when you see it, you are amazed how they done it especially when you stand right below it and look up.. it's also called Fred and Ginger building

    - The New Jewish Cemetery in Olšany, location of Franz Kafka's grave

    You have lots to see trust me, it's a really beautiful city, and the nightlife's really fantastic too!!

    The Metronome, a giant, functional metronome that looms over the city

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