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Middle names for the boys name Charlie?

I'm due really soon. A little boy. A Christmas baby! ♥

I'm naming him Charlie. Well, that or Charles. But I would only ever refer to him as Charlie.

His last name will be Smith, as that is mine. So it needs to go with that too.

I need middle names!

Cheers. Merry Christmas all xoxo

P.S I also really like the name Noel. Is that too old man-ish?


Yes, I am aware Charlie and Charles are pretty much the same. But they aren't the exact same. Charlie is more of a nickname name, some people don't like nicknames as names, but I'd be calling him Charlie even if his name is Charles.

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    I think naming him Charles would be best, even if you refer to him as Charlie. That way, when he's an adult, he has the option of being called Charles as opposed to Charlie. But if you're really, really set on Charlie and don't care for Charles, name him Charlie!

    Charles Jackson

    Charles Riley

    Charles Thomas

    Charles Connor

    Charles Elliot

    Charles Blake

    Charles Owen

    Charles Benjamin

    Charles William

    Charlie Connor

    Charlie Elliot

    Charlie Mason

    Charlie Gabriel

    Charlie Lucas

    Charlie Bennett

  • dawe
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    Middle Names For Charlie

  • Watson
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    Charles Benjamin

    Charles William

    Charlie Connor

    Charlie Elliot

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    I love Charlie for a boy but I am not that keen on Charles. I would name him Charlie instead of Charles I don't see the point of putting a formal name on the birth certificate that you are never going to use

    One of my favourite names is Charlie Thomas

    Charlie Noel is nice also


    Charlie Alexander

    Charlie Robert

    Charlie William

    Charlie James

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    Charlie Davis

    Charlie Damian

    Charlie Samuel

    Charlie Noah

    Charlie Ethan

    Charlie Elijah

    Charlie Tobias

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    Charlie Bernard Smith

    Charlie Alvin Smith

    Charlie Alexander Smith

    Charlie Tanner Smith

    Charlie Maverick Smith

    Charlie Victor Smith

    Charles Keith Smith

    Charles Vaughn Smith

    Charles Denzel Smith

  • ceo408
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    Charlie Thomas

    Charlie James

    Charlie Patrick

    Charlie John

    Charlie Michael

    Charlie Nicholas (If you want something christmas, after St. Nicholas)

    I think these can all go well with Charles too. And I think Noel is okay as middle name. It's not my personal type.

  • Pixie.
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    Charlie is an adorable name for a boy - I love it. Personally, I'm not keen on the name Noel - it's just not a name I've ever been keen on. It does sound a little old-fashioned but if you like it, then maybe you could consider it as middle name - Charlie Noel flows moderately well. :]

    Middle name suggestions;

    Charlie Thomas.

    Charlie William.

    Charlie Patrick.

    Charlie Drew.

    Charlie Mason.

    Charlie Alexander.

    Charlie Blake.

    Charlie Dawson.

    Charlie Jacob.

    Charlie Flynn.

    Charlie Harrison.

    Charlie Nathaniel.

    Charlie Oscar.

    Charlie Dominic.

    Charlie Oliver.

    Charlie Joseph.

    Charlie Vincent.

    Charlie Mitchell.

    Charlie Rhys.

    Charlie Jude.

    Charlie Luca.

    Charlie Ryan.

    Charlie Jasper.

    Charlie Leon.

    Charlie Matthias.

    Charlie Heath.

    Charlie Micah.

    Charlie Noah.

    Charlie Jonah.

    Charlie Elijah.

    Charlie Asher.

    Charlie Emmett.

    Charlie Finn.

    Charlie Jameson.

    Charlie Tyler.

    Charlie Evan.

    Charlie Max.

    Charlie Cade.

    Charlie Milo.

    Charlie Tobias.

    Charlie Nate.

    Charlie Sebastian.

    Charlie Tristan.

    Charlie Benjamin.

    Charlie Joshua.

    Charlie Isaac.

    Charlie Rueben.

    Charlie Everett.

    Charlie Drake.

    Charlie Rhett.

    Charlie Hudson.

    Charlie Parker.

    Charlie Lachlan.


  • Anonymous
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    Go with Charles as the first. You can call him Charlie as a child and Charles when he is grown up. I can't imagine a middle aged man with the name Charlie. Noel is O.K but doesn't really flow. Middle name ideas are...

    Calvin C.C.S

    Alexander C.A.S

    William C.W.S

    Andrew C.A.S

    Henry C.H.S

    Myles C.M.S

    Oliver C.O.S

    Noah C.N.S

    Antonio C.A.S

    Ethan C.E.S

    Jack C.J.S

    James C.J.S

    Quentin C.Q.S

    I have included intials

    I like Charles Oliver Smith :)


  • Anonymous
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    Name him Charles and use Charlie as a nickname...he will appreciate it later in life =)

    Charles/Charlie Daniel

    Charles/Charlie Scott

    Charles/Charlie Alexander

    Charles/Charlie Joel

    Charles/Charlie Michael

    I don't really care for Noel.

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