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cat flu in 3 month kitten?

my kitten is about 3 months old. about 6 weeks ago he developed a nasty eye infection. i brought him to the vet and was told it was cat flu.he prescribed anti biotics and he seemed to get better

after finishing that anti biotic one eye was still very infected so i brought him back and he got the same anti biotic again, which he has since finished and is worse than ever.

the eye that was good is bad again and one of the eyes looks like a ball of infection in it. both eyes look a bit bloody (when they not closed together). his eyes are bathed twice a day. he eats ok and is really happy.

i had him back with the vet today and the vet gave him another anti biotic (not as strong as what he's been on but the next one down) he didn't prescribe the strong one as he may have built up an immunity to it

recommendation was to basically hope this works or next week have him put to sleep

any one any suggestions? really appreciate it as i really dont want him to be put to sleep



there was nothing prescribed to boost his immune system, which is obviously comprimised with the infection. i just really dont want the little guy to be put to sleep! i've heard about l lysine tablets. i have some here which are for humans,but do you think it safe to give to cats? or should i speak to vet before trying this?

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    I'd try another vet. Giving another course of the same meds which didn't work is not sensible. I just went through this with one of my foster kittens. They all came to me with URI, and 2 of them bounced back just fine on Doxycycline, but the little boy got sick again immediately after the Doxycycline was stopped. So...the vet prescribed Clavamox and a lysine gel to boost his immune system, and he was just fine in a week.

    Source(s): 40 years of being owned by cats and 30 years of fostering kittens
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    l-lysine is an amino acid that is given to assist with the herpes virus. 250mg am and pm dose. Swithc to all canned cat food. Also look into colustrum and astraglus found in health store to boost the immune system.

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