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ideal temp for platies or mollies?

Hey (: i have a 5 gallon tank with platys and mollies, two of each. ive raised fish before, and i know pretty much about them, i just need to know the temp they like to be in. so far its at 68* and they seem to enjoy it... its been like that for a while but i heard that it should be higher? how should i change it? i dont wanna just add hot water, should i do it slowly overtime? i plan to upgrade soon! so dont worry about the size of the tank haha,

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    First of all, a 5 gallon tank is way too small for the amount of fish you have, even for a short time. I would recommend upgrading to at least a 20 gallon with the fish you have now. The ideal temp would be about 75-80*F, so you will need a heater. Do not add hot water, since this can shock the fish and kill them.

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    YOur temperature should be about 78. The range of 75 to eighty is good. It's good that you're upgrading soon. YOur platties and mollies will also enjoy brackish water. If you would like you could read about that and make them even happier. But to keep the temp stable at 78 you'll need a heater. Usually you can by a full ten gallon kit for about 40 dollar or a little less and just purchase a heater to go with it. The adjustable kind is better but the other kind will keep it about seventy six to seventy eight. But do not add hot water. This will kill your fish because of the shocking temperature change. A heater is your best bet because it will keep the temperature stable.

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