Is healthcare in Bangladesh free?

im doing an essay of LEDC development and ive chosen to do bangladesh, help would be much appreciated :)

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    Healthcare in Bangladesh is not free.

    However, the poor people are treated in all government hospitals and clinics for a very nominal fee. But the result is that, the government facilities lack regular attendances of physicians and allied staffs. The utter lack of bare-minimum item and quantities of lifesaving medicines in such facilities makes the whole effort meaningless, not to talk about poor hygiene and infrastructure development and maintenance.

    The overall scenario are deplorable, but who would care. Government is for talk only and lip-services are provided to poor masses and we are buying sophisticated gadgets for the defense forces at the cost of education and health for the masses.

    I got the following from internet search:

    An overwhelming majority of the population in Bangladesh lives below the poverty threshold limiting

    their access to critical healthcare and other basic needs. Episodes of illness and ill health may result in substantial medical expenses and trigger impoverishment of households. Cost of healthcare services may deter or delay patients, especially the poor, from seeking appropriate care.

    Affordability or perceived costs of care are signicant factors inuencing healthcare behaviour such as choice of the provider and time of care.

    The private non-physician healthcare sector is the most common source of curative care. The large informal private sector in Bangladesh consists of many different types of partially qualied and un-qualified practitioners, providing care of low quality. Irrespective of their inadequate treatment practices, the informal healthcare practitioners are quite popular among a wide cross section of the rural population. The perceived costs associated with the different healthcare options are probably important factors determining healthcare seeking behaviour. Thus it is important to examine the economic consequences of healthcare utilization in rural Bangladesh.


    Street dwellers in Dhaka city have limited access to effective healthcare services and are vulnerable to poor health. There is no health service delivery mechanism targeting this marginalized group of people. This paper presents the fndings of a formative research exploring ways healthcare services could be made more accessible to street dwellers in Bangladesh. The street dwellers requested health care facilities that could be available anytime they needed services and that respected their desire for privacy. Operations research based on these initial fndings could help to develop an appropriate mechanism for providing healthcare services to this population.

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    For the individuals who think of they understand each little thing on the subject of the British nationwide well-being service, that's a nationwide well-being care equipment that Britain has had on account that 1947 I tell them they have a great deal to earnings. Britain's NHS replaced into the envy of the worldwide and continues to be one in all england's prized treasures. we do not have extensive issues in the NHS, apart from as quickly as we've top wing Conservative governments in potential who prefer to purpose to privatise each little thing it is run by employing the state. whilst Margaret Thatcher replaced into best Minister, she decrease spending on the NHS plenty that hospices have been left to fall apart to dirt, docs and nurses have been made redundant and arranged lists for scientific care have been massive. whilst the socialist Labour government regained potential in 1997, they began a re-construction plan and positioned 1000's of docs and nurses lower back in paintings. waiting lists have been appreciably decreased and the NHS replaced into as quickly as lower back a proud organisation. inner maximum scientific care costs a fortune and under inner maximum palms, they are in a position to cost what they like and their purely purpose is earnings. The nationwide well-being service is unfastened on the portion of transport for each guy or woman, in spite of earnings and covers each little thing you could ever get in a privately paid for scientific institution in usa. Dentistry additionally comes under the NHS, regardless of the shown fact that it may be stipulated that categorical human beings that prefer to compliment inner maximum healthcare and dentistry are unfastened to accomplish that at extortionate cost. a competent occasion is dentistry. under the nationwide well-being service, an entire dental scientific guard the full mouth will cost you a optimal of roughly $3 hundred on an analogous time as a single crown under inner maximum dentisty will cost you around $six hundred. it relatively is the reason the British human beings prefer to preserve the NHS. The British pay their taxes willingly for this service and that they does not have it any different way. we don't desire a rustic that leaves the poorest and the main susceptible in society without sufficient well-being care. American conservatives it type of feels, would desire to not care much less approximately their fellow adult men.

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    Not full free.

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