Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The X-Men...?

What actually are the proper conclusions to their stories?

I understand that at one point or another in each case, everything goes crazy (in Spiderman, for example, there's the whole multiple-dimensions stuff. And Batman, I was under the impression that they killed him and then pretended that it was actually a clone or something. Superman I thought flies into the Sun and returns as essentially a god (omnipotent and whatnot))

But how do the stories really end? I just think it's about time there's some closure. Arch-enemies need to die and stay dead, friends need to come and go, perhaps die (BUT NOT COME BACK).

Yeah fine, Marvel wants to make as much money as possible by milking the series until there's nothing left, but it's infuriating.

So yeah, to clarify, how (if at all) did the series end? Or if not, what's the latest stuff that's happening in the Marvel world?

Thanks in advance for helping one nostalgic young adult revisit his childhood and sort some facts out in his mind :P


Hmm I think I subconsciously knew you'd say something like that...

Oh well, I guess I can't win them all, just seems a shame that they couldn't end it - the series have been going on for over half a century. Even if they just aged the characters accordingly and killed them off that way. I wouldn't mind then if they brought in new ones... what a shame.

Thanks anyway :)

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    ~ Comic Book Update ~

    - Batman, it is ongoing (NOT finished) and has reached (as of November 17th, 2010) issue #704.

    Newest Events (issue#704): "The issue starts up with Batman and Robin taking on Reaper, when they are interrupted by Kitrina Falcone, or Catgirl, as she wishes to be called. Bruce arrives to tell Dick that he needs to get rid of Catgirl and to inform him that he and Damian are to be the protectors of Gotham. Meanwhile, out of costume, Dick is approached by a new character, Sasha Lo, who is looking to purchase Crime Alley. The issue progresses with a guest appearance by Selina Kyle and a new masked hero/villain, the Peacock." (Source: Comic Attack .net)

    - Spiderman, it is unknown wether it is finished or ongoing but it has not been continued since August, 2003 (with vol. 2 new 1-57 issue's)

    Newest Events (vol. 2 issue#57): Dormammu Returns & Part 1 of "Happy Birthday" Arc (Source: Spider Fan .org)

    - Superman, it is ongoing (NOT finished) it has reached issue #700 in June 2010.

    Newest Events (issue#700): "The issue starts with “The Comeback,” picking up after the events of New Krypton and the ensuing "100-minute war". This story reads the fastest and contains little more than Superman meeting back up with Lois Lane to spend some much-needed time with her. Even though most of the panels consist of Lane telling Superman how much she missed him, there is something touching about her persistence in assuring that he understands how deeply she missed him. This portion of the comic will be best appreciated by the devoted fans of the hero. There is no larger point to it. It is an expression of how much we love the character and how badly we want him to stay with us. Simple, but effective." (Source: Sci-Fi Block .com)

    - The X-man, it is ongoing, monthly.

    Newest Events (up to issue#408): "When Apocalypse returned, he claimed to know the Twelve, the only twelve mutants who could unite to destroy him. Cyclops defeated him by merging with him, leading to Jean Grey's departure and "The Search for Cyclops" storyline.

    During the "Eve of Destruction," Jean assembles a rookie team consisting of Northstar, Frenzy, Sunpyre, Wraith, Dazzler, and Omerta to battle Magneto after he takes Xavier hostage.

    A different squad led by Angel introduced Stacy X. Northstar rejoins during this time. The X-Men gain a nurse after it is revealed that Havok is alive and being looked after by her. During this time, Storm broke off of the main team and took many members with her, forming the X-Treme X-Men, whose purpose was to find the diaries of the mutant precognitive, Destiny. The results of this were the death of Psylocke, the return and second mutation of Beast, the addition of Gambit to the group, and the introduction of new members Lifeguard and Slipstream.

    Storm's team returns with Rachel Grey and Storm forms a new team, X.S.E. The new team consists of Storm, Bishop, Sage, Cannonball, Rachel Grey, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine. Their first several missions included rescuing X-23 from the Savage Land, taking down the new Hellfire Club, and the resurrection of Psylocke, who would later join the Exiles. The team continues to change and develop until "Messiah Complex," where all the teams come together. The entire X-Men team relocates to San Francisco. There, they fight the Hellfire Cult and the Sisterhood of Mutants, being led by Madelyne Pryor in her new guise as the Red Queen, but she is later revealed not to be the true Madelyne, but a psionic ghost manifestation of her Goblin Queen persona. Psylocke returned from the Exiles during this time as well. The events of "Dark Reign" are also putting a strain on the X-Men due to the involvement of the Dark X-Men and the Dark Avengers. The events of that storyline concluded with Cyclops establishing a new island haven for mutantkind called Utopia, built on the remains of Asteroid M. Namor, Cloak and Dagger defected from Osborn's side and joined the team formally as well." (Source: Wikipedia)

    Hope i was of some help ~

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    There is no 'epic' conclusion. The heroes of Marvel and DC Comics are never ending. As in, their ending is simply put as continuing as being a hero, unless you count the time travels and catch a glimpse of what the present heroes do in the future, it's uncertain to put an end to a hero. Example: Batman. Batman will never have an end, because in the future, even if he dies, his DNA would be stored to use on a new Batman, or NightHawk (former Robin) would take over, or Bruce Wayne's son. So there's no real ending, but at the same time, the ending is heroes continuing to fight the bad guys.

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    Batman: Darkseid hit him with his Omega beams during the "Final Crisis". Superman recovered a smoldering corpse in Batman's uniform, which was later revealed to be one of about two dozen clones made by Simyan and Mokkari who'd had Batman's memories uploaded into it. It was indistinguishable from his body. The real Batman had been sent into the distant past, chased by an Apokaliptian super sanction which was supposed to send him through life after life after life until it finally destroyed him. Instead, it was used to save him.

    Superman: The death you refer to occurred in "All-Star Superman", which you should DEFINITELY pick up, since it offers the closure you are so desperate for.

    Spiderman: Died and was reborn in "The Other". Then, he was rebooted in "One more day". It sucked.

    X-Men: You should know that they ALWAYS come back. It's their main super power. NO X-man stays dead for good. Except in "Ultimate X-Men". They killed off practically all of them in "Ultimatum".

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