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why cant we form a balance?

where the value of innovation, acceptance, recognition and invention is based on human curiosity ONLY and not incentives that are cumbersome and nonconsenquential such as money and academic accolades. we have the ability to live social organisations without money...why do we choose to have everything revolve around a piece of paper with ink on it (technically it is a cloth). In other words, why cant we invent a plane/computer without seeking to patent it so that we can make money from the patent.

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    Innovation and invention require time and efforts. When you try do develop a new type of len, a different way of arranging cutlery, a new software, a new machine etc' you spend a lot of time and energy in the process. Many of your attempts will fail, and some people will never succeed. Yet once you get it right, it is easy for other people to copy and use your invention. These people never invested time and energy in developing the invention. They worked in steady jobs, earned and saved money and built a career, while you were busy working on your invention. Do you think it's fair that they will now be able to freely use your invention and make money of it? That would mean no smart man would ever choose to waste his energy on developing new inventions. And since society as a whole benefits greatly from inventions, we encourage people to invest time and efforts in innovation, by providing them with a chance to rip the fruits of their work.

    That is especially true for products such as computers and airplanes, which cannot be developed by 1 person and require the collaboration of hundreds of workers.

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