my contacts in my address book are getting junk mail from me that i didn't send?

ppl in my contacts are receiving mail from me that i didn't send, it is usually for some canadian drug company pushing viagra and cialis. when they open it up it is just a link for them to paste to their browser. they are asking me if i sent them this, i didn't. how is this happening? how can i stop it?

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    1. Check that alternate e-mail address is still the same, and then change both your password AND your secret questions. Make them strong ones!

    2. Run both an anti-virus and spyware/malware scan, separately - even more than one malware scan, or Trend Micro's Housecall for an online a-v scan. (in Safe Mode is best)

    3. Notify all your contacts NOT to open short e-mails, especially those with no subject, and definitely not to click any links. Warn them to scan for malware too, just in case. You might want to use a code word in the Subject line to prove it is a valid e-mail for a while - or set up an alternate 'alias' account to use instead. (alternate address)

    4. If these spams/spoofs do not stop, you will need to set up a new account. (new address)

    5. Read the Ask Leo newsletter references. There are more than 50 articles listed, including several about your problem.

    (Sorry it's a long answer, but it's complicated question/solution. I've done much reading and much research for it.)

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    One possibility is that a spammer has obtained your password with phishing spam. Change your password. While you are in your account settings for that, also check for tampering with your alternate email contact address. That could be used to obtain new passwords.

    These links often run a malicious script. It can tell logged in webmail to spam the address book. Abstain from clicking the link in the spam.

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    I had that happen. It said my account had been hacked. I changed my password and that seemed to take care of the problem.

    Source(s): Myself and friends
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    1 decade ago

    you have a virus

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