Lion King book characters?

I want to know as much as there is to know(that isn't complete fan-fic) about the lion king(book) characters. Kopa, Taka, Mheetu, Tama, ALL of them would be nice(I know I'm missing some, so if you could put those too please). Don't ask why, I just have this strange and sudden urge to know these things...PS, I know that Taka is Scar.

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    Listed below are the characters from The Lion King and Simba's Pride. From the following website


    Simba (means "lion" in Swahili): Son of the great Mufasa, this brave lion is forced into exile when his uncle, Scar, frames him for his father's death. In Simba's Pride, he's Kiara's father.

    Nala: She is young Simba's playmate and adult Simba's true love. She's also Kiara's mother in Simba's Pride.

    Kiara: She is Simba's and Nala's daughter, and eventually Kovu's mate. She only appears in Simba's Pride.

    Kovu (means "scar" in Swahili): He is Zira's son, Scar's adopted son, and eventually Kiara's mate. He is also the brother of Nuka and Vitani. He only appears in Simba's Pride.

    Mufasa: He is Simba's dad, and the kind of the Pridelands. That is, until his brother, Scar, kills him. In Simba's Pride, he appears as an apparition/ghost, much as how he appears to Simba as an adult near the end of the original movie.

    Sarabi (means "mirage" in Swahili): She's Simba's mom, and Mufasa's wife. When Scar has control of the Pridelands, she has to face a harsh life. Sarabi only appears in the original movie.

    Timon and Pumbaa (means "absentminded, careless" in Swahili): This meercat and warthog are a very musical pair. They befriend Simba when he leaves the pridelands and cheer him up with their no worries philosophy: "Hakuna Matata". These guys appear in both movies.

    Zazu: This hornbill is Mufasa's right hand Often, he has to watch over the mischievious youngsters, Simba and Nala. Zazu appears in both movies.

    Scar: This villianous lion plots to kill his brother, Mufasa, and his nephew, Simba in order to get control of the throne. He makes a fatal (for him, at least) error by not being able to kill Simba. Because he dies, he doesn't appear in Simba's Pride.

    Zira (means "hate" in Swahili): Zira, who only appears in Simba's Pride, was the now dead Scar's mate. She is also the mother of Kovu, Nuka, and Vitani. She bears a grudge against Simba, and plots to have her son Kovu kill him.

    Nuka (means "stink" in Swahili): Nuka, who also only appears in Simba's Pride, is Kovu and Vitani's brother and Zira's firstborn son. He is a true "momma's boy" and is desperately jealous of Kovu. He dies trying to make his mother happy.

    Vitani: Vitani, who also only appears in Simba's Pride, is Kovu and Nuka's sister and Zira's daughter.

    Rafiki (means "friend" in Swahili): This wise monkey is like an eqivalent of a medicine man. He helps Simba get his life back on track. Rafiki also appears in Simba's Pride.

    Shenzi (means "barbarous, savage" in Swahili): These laughing hyenas are Scar's stooges. They help him with his plot to kill his brother. Shenzi is the female, and also takes the role of "leader." The hyenas do not appear in Simba's Pride.

    Banzai: One of the hyenas, and otherwise known as "cactus butt." Also does not appear in Simba's Pride.

    Ed: The wackiest of the hyenas. Also does not appear in Simba's Pride.

    Sarafina: Nala's mother. It is not actually known whether Sarafina's character appears in Simba's Pride or not. The person who did her voice in the first movie is not listed for the second, and no one calls her by name at all.

    Timon's Mom: Timon's mother does not have an official name, and only appears in The Lion King 1 1/2. She's very overprotective over her son.

    Uncle Max: This is Timon's uncle. He comes off kinda grouchy at times, and only appears in The Lion King 1 1/2.

    Hope that helps with your sudden urge to know this.

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    Ahadi is the mate of Uru, father of Mufasa and Scar, Grandfather of Simba, Great-Grandfather of Kopa and Kiara.

    Taka is Scar.

    Mheetu is Nala's younger brother.

    Tama is a friend of Nala's. She doesn't like Simba.

    Kopa is the son of Simba and Nala.

    Afua is Kopa's best friend.

    You can find all of the characters on this Wiki site:

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    Use google - thats what I use. You can find almost anything!!

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