Your Favorite Love Song?

okay, im a huge fan of music! i listen to everything from class rock, rock, metal, heavy metal, death metal, even a little black metal, then some alternative, anti-folk, punk.. everything! so, my question is, whats a really nice, good, love song? your favorite? see heres the thing.. I really like this girl, and she knows i love music and it means allot to me ( I play guitar to btw) and so when i send her songs, she knows they have great meaning to me, and so.. I kind of wanted to find the perfect love song, show it to her, then later that night ask her out. I dont know, it might sound weird for you guys, but I love music

Thanks, post your top favs if you like (:

The perfect song would be about, some one singing how much they love somebody, but doesnt know how to tell her, and he just thinks of her all day..

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  • 9 years ago
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    You belong with me - Tonio K (no. not the Taylor Swift song...)

    If I should fall behind - Bruce Springsteen

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    The dimming of the day - Richard & Linda Thompson

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    Learning how to love you - John Hiatt

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  • 9 years ago

    Respect for your musical taste.

    Aside from that, mine is an album rather than song.

    The album Still Life by Opeth is a concept album about a man who has retuned to his hometown after being banished. He comes to seek out his love, Melinda, and the story is told phenomenally well through each of the songs' tones (tones as in happy, sad, angry) and of course lyrics.

    However, it's not much of a "Hey here's this song [album] I checked out. Want to listen (listens and then asks out).?"

    I don't listen to many love songs, but like said before, you can't go wrong with "All You Need Is Love" (admittedly not a Beatles fan *hides*).

    BUT, if it turns out she's a metal fan, shell out a few bucks and buy that album!

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  • 9 years ago

    Northern Downpour

  • 4 years ago

    Toss up between Cailin by Unwritten Law and Sweet Tangerine by The Hush Sound... both very good songs

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    my fave love song is endless Love but its a duet :( by lionel richie and diana ross

    i also like

    as long as you love me by backstreet boys lol

    the time of my life-dirty dancing

    thank you-ditto

    davedays from youtube made an original song. its got an alt-popish sound. i think its called how do i get you. idr but it says lyric pic video somewhere in there

    marry you by bruno mars

    just the way you are by bruno mars

    lucky is a duet too :( jason mraz and colbie caillat

    I'm yours-jason mraz

    there not all rock but there good songs

  • Stan
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    9 years ago

    My favorite love song of all time is an oldie...

    "Because" by the Dave Clark Five...fairly easy to play on guitar...great lyrics, I can help you with the chord changes if you like?

    Another wonderful love song is newer....

    "I Envy the Wind," by Lucinda Williams...another fairly easy song...mostly C-Am-Dm-G7..etc. Tremendous lyrics!

    Both of these songs can be found on YouTube.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Here's my two favorites from back in the day ...

    Rita Coolidge - "We're All Alone"

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    Juice Newton - "The Sweetest Thing"

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    ... those soaring choruses get at me every time ...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    sacred by tokio hotel, monsoon by them too

    your guardian angel by red jumpsuit apparatus

    three cheers for five years by mayday parade (but it's sad!)

    if it means alot to you by a day to remember

    heartbeat by stereo skyline

    and a really good one is tounge tied by stereo skyline. it's about a boy who likes a girl but he is to nervous to tell her and he's tounge tied to talk to her!

    they're all sweet cute little songs! have fun!

  • 9 years ago

    i LOVE perfect two by auburn its amazing but kinda corny XD but if not then..

    good to you -marianas trench

    fall for you-secondhand serenade

    and if your a fan of taylor swift then most of her songs

    have funn :)

  • awweh thats so cute!!!!!

    i would say

    cute by stephen jerzack


    trouble by never shout never


    did it hurt? by never shout never


    i just cant breathe by the oerfect measure


    never change by chase coy

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