Could I get into these colleges?

Hi,I am a junior in high school. I have a 3.24 gpa and a ACT score of 24. I have taken all college prep classes and have done 100 hours of community service. I have only played one sport and have not participated in any clubs at my school. I also haven't taken my SATs yet. Could I get into these colleges? If so, which ones? Thanks, I really need some advice!

Arizona State University

East Carolina University

Ohio State University

Old Dominion University

Syracuse University

Virginia Commonwealth University

University of Vermont (my home state)

University of Massachusetts

Thanks again!, What are some other schools I could get into!

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  • eri
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    1 decade ago
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    You'll get into Arizona State and East Carolina. Ohio and UMass will be a stretch with that GPA, especially from out of state - probably not the main campuses. The others, maybe.

  • eldeen
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    4 years ago

    I am now not a institution counselor or a institution admissions officer, however many undergraduate faculties are watching for a various, good-rounded scholar frame to flesh out their predominantly in-state demographics. Living in Florida must now not be a large determiner on your popularity, and for the smaller faculties, it'll even support. The freshman and sophomore 12 months GPAs would be reason for problem if left unaddressed. In writing your program essay attempt to paint a snapshot of ways your mom's auto coincidence used to be a intricate and difficult time for you, however by way of your junior 12 months you had gotten your self again on monitor and completed a Good success along with your packages.

  • 1 decade ago

    act score is average, but gpa is low. No extra curriculars will bring down you chances even more..

    You have the best chance at East Carolina UNI

  • 1 decade ago

    most of them

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