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HELP!!?? Does he like me?? 10 points?? ik its long but it would mean a lot if you answered?

Okay so this guy is so confusing. he used to be nice to me, but he was a fricken perv and lick his fingers and rub his nipples at me and wink at me and he looks at me ALL THE TIME. But he is like bipoler because he yelled at me. so i got pissed and called him a douche bag and a man whore and he told me to shut up and eat a burger and he told the whole school that i said i was gonna kick his *** (which i never said and told them he would take me down. He must tell all of his friends about me because they all act like they know me when i never talked to them in my life and they always come up to me and scream "nice" in my face whatever that means idk but they said that he told them about me and once his friends said he likes me and said he thinks i'm sexy but when they said thet he was asking me to give him money... so i found that fishy and in gym he walked up to me and he was like looking down and playing with his hoodie i thought he said hi to me but there was this dude sitting behind me so he might have said it to the guy behind me because he didn't say anything else. Also when i was at lunch he found out i liked this other guy in school and he kept asking me about it and saying i look pretty and then when i was walking to my locker him and his friends stopped me and he asked me out but i thought it was a joke. he still messes around with me at school and stuff and my friend called him the other night but i got on the phone and when i told him it was me he like freaked out and he seemed happy it was me (btw he was high tho) and we talked for awhile and when he got off he told me he loved me. but my friend kept calling him and he got pissed off at me for some reason idk and he kept texting me saying do not text me or call me thanks and he was calling me a ***** and saying im fat and he hates me i was like so fricken confused. the other day i texted him because i felt bad and i didnt want him to be mad at me so i asked him if he was and he was a totally *** to me and said i talked **** (the only thing i said to him on the phone that night was i asked him if it was true that he tryed to rape a girl in the school elevator last year) and i said why are you always mean to me and he texted me back saying "i want to **** you soooo hard baby do you want me to **** the **** out of you" "come to my house now plzzz" and then after i said no he said dont come that wasnt me but i know it was him. i went to the school football game the same day he texted me that and all of his friends were bothering me getting in my face telling me to stop being obessed with him and stop texting him 24/7 he thinks im a stupid ***** and he rather die then go out with me and i better stop texting him if i know whats good for me. today i asked him about what they said and he really didnt give me a stright answer (he is from hungry he doesnt even know whats going on) but he was like ohh i never said such thing or some crap but he kepted on calling my name the norm and his friend said he likes me but with them i never know if they are telling the truth and my really good friend who is friends with him said he said he likes me he thinks im chill and he only does that stuff to piss me off because i act dramatic and he thinks its funny even the other day he said i am one of his best friends and he loves me then the next day i moved down 2 tables at lunch and he told me to move closer to him and seat it in the same seat i always sit at and i said no u move then his friend came up to me and said he said he is glad i moved because now he doesnt have to look at a fat pig but then in english he is fricken bending down just so he can "look into my eyes" yesterday his friends and him wouldn't leave me the hell alone they even started throwing food at me so i got pissed and i threw it right in his face so then in english he asked me what i got on my paper so i said just leave me the **** alone dont talk to me and he said i try to be nice and i said you always try to be ******* nice but that never works out does it then he said well your the ******* ***** who throws **** in my face and then i was just like no you always start everything you say im ur friend and **** but then you treat me this way its rediculous then he just looked at me and said what are you talking about i heard that he was talking **** about me after that but today he kept on looking at me in gym and math like when i talk to guys and when im doing something he is always looking at me and in math this guy was winking at me and the teacher said stop winking at her he looked at me and him and he looked upset/pissed. yesterday his friend said what would you do if he asked you out but i felt like he was trying to make me look stupid by saying yes so i said why would i say yes to that asshole and when i said that he came over to talk to me but he said the wrong thing and said he hasent talked **** about me in a week but today he was nice t

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    the answer is no. honestly. you deserve MUCH better as any girl does. the way he treats you is not cool at all. ik you probably have feelings for him its gonna be hard but you really need to move on! that excuse u heard that hes mean to u as a joke is b.s. he probably has real problems or is just a flat out jerk. he said he wanted to **** you so hard. clearly, if hes the least bit interested in you its to use you for sex. dont fall into that. it will break you. i can promise you that, because hell probs treat you like **** right after. be strong. you got this girl. find a new guy and make him deserve you (:

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    That took me like 15mins too read. Whoa yhu wrote a book lol bhut anyways he is disrespectful &yhu shouldn't let him talk too yhu like that. He sounds childish &his werid friends sounds childish too. Sounds like they all got problems. If he really liked yhu he would learn how too talk too a girl the right way.

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