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:) asked in HealthOptical · 1 decade ago

Should i try reading glasses....?

Im 14 and sometimes my vision is a little blurry when im reading. Like today i had my textbook on my desk and i was leaned back in my chair. The words were a little blury. I put the book on my lap to where my face was closer and i could read it just fine. so...should i just try some reading glasses from the drugstore? This has been happening ever since i started this school year. :P

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    Reading glasses are for folks over 40....youngsters like you don't need reading glasses.

    You said you could read it when you brought the book closer, so that isn't a problem reading glasses help. Reading glasses magnify even more up close, but would be blurry at 30 inches like you first had the book.

    If the whiteboard, or blackboard, what ever it is called , is still clear , you don't really have a problem...just keep the book closer to you to read.

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