what is the better car hybrid vs electric and think closely about this one?

electric cars only go so far on a charge, Some hybrids get 700+ miles a gallon which is better for a long trip and why?


correction 700+miles on a tank of gas - sorry for the confusion

Update 2:

ok... to make my point, your electric bill goes higher my point is you either pay at the pump or at the electric outlet, and an electric plant still pollutes the environment, even if its wind powered you have generators = friction energy=steam=pollution in my opinion fully electric cars are not effiecent because it hits your pocket book per kilowatt hour, and the chargers are not green certified. so one could see easily a 300 or 400 dollar jump in electric costs per month.

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    Some might want to call you out on that 700+ mpg statement. That number is accurate for a human/gas hybrid bicycle chassis powered by a weed whacker, when you're mostly pedaling and only using the motor sometimes (it still produces more harmful emissions then a modern Ford F350, because it's a filthy 2 stroke with no emissions Controls. Isn't that amazing?).

    If it's a series hybrid, then it essentially is an electric car, with a generator to maintain battery charge. That has some advantages, like being available for longer trips.

    But because a person rarely goes more then 100 miles in a single day anyway, the pure electric has advantages too. It doesn't have the weight, space and complications taken up by a whole other power system.

    Some people like the idea of keeping the generator as an outboard system, like a trailer. If it's a powered trailer, with an automatic steering control system to keep it in line with the car, then the car and driver won't even know it's there. Then you can detach it and only use it for long trips.


    Oh, okay. To address your point:

    You're confused about the costs. Fueling a car with electricity, at average electric rates, costs you the equivelent of paying $1.20 per gallon of gas in the equivelent gas car. $0.80 per gallon at over night electric rates. It saves you money.

    Or you can look at it like this, your 20 mpg gas guzzler, when converted to electric, all else being equal, will cost the equivilent of gettign 50 mpg at current gas prices, or 70 mpg if gas gets up to $4 per gallon again (do you think that could ever possibly happen again? I do).

    From a cost stand point, electric has it all over gas.

    @backpack jeff:

    No EV guy likes coal, and almost 100% of them are just as enthusiastic about green, renewable energy. Even though a purely coal powered EV is still less polluting then a gas car. And only half our power actually comes from coal.

    But more importantly, the car doesn't care where the elctricity comes from. As far as the car cares, you could just easily charge it up from wind, hydro, solar or geo thermal power.

    The point being, it's the production of electricity that pollutes, and that has to change. But the EV itself cannot be held responsible for the pollution, because with green energy availability, the car would certainly be an integral part of a green infrastructure.

  • Something I have got to figure out is the actual costs. The anti electric car propaganda out there related to the MPG and MPK (miles per kilowatt hour) has successfully confused me. What I do know is the EV1 drivers reported they were much cheaper by mile than gas. Figuring out the MPG MPK is getting close to the top of my TODO list.

    What I do know for a fact is as follows.

    For now electric cars are really for to go to work and back within the charge range with a charge up at work if you can't get back within the remaining charge. True all electric cars now are almost all getting a solid 100 miles per charge in the worst of conditions without going extremely heavy on the petal.

    People are not seeing past the propaganda against electric cars. A all electric car even if the "fuel" costs more and it doesn't people are not seeing what automotive techs can see. The savings in service and repair costs is enormous.

    EV1 cars by General Motors needed little more if not only a tire rotation, new wiper blades and a windshield washer fluid refill. The list of no longer needed with an electric only cars common repair and maintenance needs including the parts list is very very short.

    I see your a "green" idealist. 2 things to make electric cars the winner.

    1. They will leak almost no oils onto the road since they use very little oils for lubrication. This means no more MILLIONS of gallons of dripped on the road oils every year.

    2. The time a car does almost all of the pollution is when its warming up from a cold start. Electric power plants are almost always warmed up.

    The Hybrid cars do have the range but in the enc they are a joke. In the future Hybrids will just be a footnote in history. Great Idea and they look to be a great idea at first but they are not.

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    It TRULY does not matter how far a car goes on a tank of gas. There are gas stations all over the place, and you have to stop anyway for food and bathroom. Trust me - I've crossed the nation many times by car.

    What really matters is MPG when you're in gasoline mode, and miles per kwh when you are charging off AC power.

    Everything you said in your additional comment is flat out incorrect. You need to review your facts on all that. The question of "saving at the pump" vs. "spending on electric bill" has been examined very carefully by a lot of people and it's crystal clear that electric is FAR cheaper per mile, not even counting discounts for charging at night. Windmills do not pollute at all, there are no intermediate stages like heat or steam, they simply turn a generator directly. There's very little loss in a charger and not a lot of ways to get rid of the loss that remains. We've been making forklift and golfcart chargers for about 50 years, I think we are pretty good at it.

    @backpack Jeff: Buy a gas car, it will be a gas car forever. Buy an electric, you have a coal car today, but you could have a gas or windmill car tomorrow as your utilities switch to that.

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    You'd also have to mine the metal ores and get oil to produce plastics and energy for the manufacturing. The only way an electric car is 'green', is if it is charged off renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind etc. Again wind turbines and solar panels have to be put together somewhere. Wind turbines are a simple design, metalwork fabrication, but solar panels include silica, dug from the earth. The point is, that once you made the solar panels or wind turbine, they don't consume oil, gas or coal to produce power.In that way it is helping the environment. For a hybrid car to be truly 'green', you have to use bio-fuels produced using renewable energy or (if a diesel) consume recycled vegetable oils either as via a straight vegetable oil conversion or (with a little basic chemistry) as bio-diesel, which is chemically the same as the oil derived version and will work in any diesel engine, new or old, without modifications, such as fuel line/tank heaters. One thing to remember, is that the battery pack may wear out or malfunction before the end of its life, so contains chemicals that would need transporting to be recycled. My choice would be a standard diesel car. In pure MPG terms, they are not far off what a hybrid can return, with no problems about battery packs not lasting as long as they should or simply failing.In most hybrids, if the hybrid battery pack is flat, you cannot start the car!

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    Mixture cars have two engines regarding it to effectively maintain fuel consumption. It has the actual gasoline engine maintained your body has an electricity motor and electrical power. The two cars work together that allows you to cut fuel absorption. With this products, you will have the ability cut fuel usage by more than half. Just imagine, accompanied by a hybrid car, it's possible to go well over 60 miles in the gallon. With these savings, hybrid cars are definitely the car into the future.

    Hybrid car owners virtually really do not feel the expanding cost in gasoline or diesel prices. This is lower than replacement the hybrid family car. There are other advantages that her hybrid car can allow you. Recently, the President of our great country has signed a particular agreement that mixture car buyers are likely to enjoy tax bonuses. This means that by owning a hybrid car, it's possible to save profit on taxes.

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    The US EPA estimates that the ANNUAL fuel cost of the Leaf will be $561 while the Toyota prius is $858. Each vehicle is a kind of tool. Each may be "better" at particular situations. And in some situations what is "better" can be very subjective for example:

    Inside a closed garage with the engine "running" an electric is without doubt "better" than a hybrid because it produces no local emissions while the hybrid will produce some.

    On short trips around town the electric may perform well and require little or no maintenance. With more highway driving and longer distances a hybrid may give more independence in fueling and take advantage of the existing infrastructure in fueling stations. This advantage in infrastructure would be negated by infrastructure like electrified roadways that would support electric vehicles. So range may be more a measure of infrastructure than the vehicles while vehicle maintenance is a vehicle issue.

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    A good portion of the time an electric with a 100 mile range would work fine. I live in a small town where the nearest city is close to 20 miles each way so a 40 mile range would have me walking a lot lol. But when it comes to vacations a hybrid would work better.

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    One thing that often gets overlooked with the electric cars is that the energy comes from a source. Often times, in the US, that energy source is coal and coal is more polluting than gasoline. Additionally in wind energy, they use natural gas.

    I've driven a Prius many times and on long road trips. I don't think I got 700 miles, but it was probably like 500 miles on $20 worth of gas. I personally would prefer a hybrid because of the lower environmental costs of gasoline over coal or even hydro.

    The real answer should creating viable, reliable, and effective mass transits options for longer trips and more walkable and bikeable communities for shorter trips.

    Source(s): www.walkable.org
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    I think we should make all cars out of carbon fiber (though i have not looked at any environmental impact of this). cars would be much lighter and according to an efficiency master, Amory Lovins, if cars were designed to reduce wind drag, weigh less, and be hybrid-drive, we could see cars with 100mpg or more. if a Ferrari F60 Enzo can get almost 10 mpg going flat out-Top Gear- because of it's lighter frame and aerodynamic design, it is evidence that science can have a HUGE impact on car efficiency.


    Edit to Chuckles

    you are right for the present. Government subsidies make this possible. however, once oil becomes more scarce (which it will, it is not infinite) we have to take a serious look at the alternatives. Battery technology still has to come a long way before electric vehicles can become more practical. Hybrid vehicles have to be more fuel efficient than they are currently. in any case, gas will become more expensive than $10 a gallon if not in your lifetime, you grandchildren's. I remember when gas prices were less than 2 dollars, now they are more than $4 in some places! so let's start weaning off oil before Saudi Arabia decides to keep it for themselves and the U.S. threatens them with nukes. --not a future i want to see.

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    Now? Hybrid.

    In 10 years? Maybe electric. In 20? Most probably electric. As soon as batteries get 500 miles on a charge and faster charging times they're better. Don't need gears, or a spare generator, or a fuel tank etc.

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