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M-WWE Friday night Smackdown.41st Smackdown.Is it good?

GM of Smackdown-Teddy Long

WWE Chairman-Mr McMahon



World Heavyweight champion-Undertaker

Unified tag team champions-Matt Morgan and Hernandez

Intercontinental champion-Rey Mysterio

Womens champion-Mickie James

Womens tag team champions-Angelina Love and Melina

Promo 1-Undertaker comes out.Undertaker says "at Survivor Series, I beat AJ Styles to win back my World Heavyweight title.1 year ago, I was the World Heavyweight champion.Armageddon is the next PPV.At Armageddon, I have to defend the World Heavyweight title to some1 in a ladder match.I don't care who challenges me because I WILL make them Rest In Peace"! The SES comes out.CM Punk says "deadman, last year you became World Heavyweight champion by beating me, so if any1 deserves to challenge you for the World Heavyweight title, it's me.Plus, I'm a ladder match specialist.I won the Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania 24 and 25".Edge comes out.Edge says "Punk, you aren't the only ladder match specialist.I'm the master of the ladder match.Also, if I remember, I retired Undertaker for a few months in a TLC match.So, deadman, if any1 should be # 1 contender, it should be me".Chris Jericho comes out.Chris says "deadman, don't listen to Punk or Edge.Especially Edge, who tried to ride my story career as Unified tag team champions.Last year, I pinned you in the Elimination Chamber, so if any1 deserves to challenge you, it should be me.I'm the best in the world at what I do! Do you hypocrites understand what I'm saying to you"? Christian comes out.Christian says "look, the ladder match gang is all here.CM Punk, Edge, Chris Jericho, and myself.All 4 of us have ladder match experience.But, I'm the only 1 in the group who has never challenged Undertaker for the World Heavyweight title.Deadman, it should be me and you at Armageddon for the World Heavyweight title in a ladder match".Teddy Long comes out.Teddy Long says "Undertaker, these 4 gunning after you has given me a idea.Tonights main event is going to be a tag team match.CM Punk teaming with Chris Jericho to take on Christian and Edge.Next week, the 4 will compete in a Fatal 4 way match with the winner challenging Undertaker for the World Heavyweight title in a ladder match at Armageddon".The lights go off and come back on, and Undertaker is gone.Christian, CM Punk, Edge, and Chris Jericho stare at each other in awkwardness.

Match 1-Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta(heels) vs The Hart Dynasty accompanied by Natalya(faces)-winners Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta

Match 2-LayCool accompanied by Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky(heels) vs Angelina Love and Melina(faces)-winners Angelina Love and Melina

Match 3-Dolph Ziggler(heel) vs Rey Mysterio(face)-winner Dolph Ziggler

Post Match-Dolph says "I challenge you for the Intercontinental title at Armageddon".

Match 4-CM Punk and Chris Jericho accompanied by Serena and Luke Gallows(heels) vs Christian and Edge(faces)-winners Christian and Edge

Post Match-The lights go off and come back on.Undertaker chokeslams Christian, gives Edge a Last Ride, Chris Jericho a tombstone, and puts CM Punk in Hells Gate.

11 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    Promo 1: Good

    Match 1:8.0/10

    Match 2:5.5/10

    Match 3:10

    Match 4: 9

    Match 5:10

    Post match:10

    Overall 8/10

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  • 9 years ago

    This is my last answer up to January 2011. Im taking a short break from the WS. Don't worry, I'll be back guaranteed!

    Promo 1 - 10/10

    Match 1 - 8/10

    Match 2 - 7/10

    Match 3 - 9/10

    Match 4 - 10/10

    Overall - 9/10 Good show, awesome promo! Ill see you all again on New Years. Take Care people!

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  • ?
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Promo 1- 10/10

    Match 1- 10/10

    Match 2- 9/10

    Match 3- 10/10

    Match 4- 10/10

    Overall Rating: 10/10

    Fantastic Show Tony.

    I like how Edge & Christian are Teaming Up yet again. The Undertaker Promo was Classic.

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  • Promo 1: 10/10(Nice!)

    Match 1: 9/10

    Match 2: 8.5/10

    Match 3: 10/10


    Match 4: 10/10


    Overall: 9.6/10: Great! First promo epic and good 2 see Christian in the main event not to mention teaming with Edge.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Tag Team Match

    Match 1-9/10

    Womans Tag Match

    Match 2-8.5/10

    Match 3-9/10

    Tag Match

    Main Event-10/10

    The growing list of Challengers, has come forward to face The Deadman...with each opponent feeling his first Title match will put The Phenom'', in a ginormous disadvantage. though it was surprising AJ Styles did not request a rematch 24 hours after his defeat.. Viewers are looking forward to tonights main event, Long has announce for them and following week after in a gigantic 4-way bout...

    Source(s): Brilliant Show 9/10
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  • 9 years ago

    Promo 1(10/10)

    Match 1(9/10)

    Match 2(10/10)

    Match 3(9/10)

    Post Match(10/10)

    Match 4(10/10)

    Post Match(10/10)

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  • 9 years ago

    Promo 1- 10/10

    Match 1- 8.5/10

    Match 2- 9/10

    Match 3- 10/10

    Post match: 9/10

    Match 4- 10/10

    Post match:10/10

    Overall: 10/10

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  • 9 years ago

    promo 1- 8; undertaker is a man of very few words. he did alot of talking. besides i dont see taker in a damn ladder match. how about make it a 5 way ladder match? that might be cool. but you wont listen to my AWWWWESOME ideas

    match 1- 8; two very good tag teams

    match 2- 5

    match 3- 7

    post- 2

    match 4 9

    post 10

    total 8.4

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  • 9 years ago

    Promo 1-10/10

    .Match 1-8.75/10

    .Promo 2-9/10

    .Match 2-8.50/10

    Match 3-9.50/10

    .Match 4-10/10

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    I like Your Show,I would rather watch this than Raw.

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