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what are some things I have to do in Paris and throughout France?

What towns should I go to? I want to take a train throughout France and don't want to miss anything amazing. I know I have to go to Provence and Cannes but are there little towns that are over looked? And what are some special things to do there? Thanks!!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Enjoy the baguettes!

    Bordeaux is a good place too, now a World Heritage City, a lot going for it and all the wine towns around the area, Saint Emilion is very good.

    Also all the towns and villages around the river Dordogne: Sarlat la Caneda, Beynac et Cazenac, ... and all the castles too.

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  • Cabal
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    10 years ago

    Better plan your trip based on the time you have to visit. France is the biggest country in Europe, with 36,000 cities, towns, villages and plenty of things to visit. Here are a very few big and middle cities:

    Lille old city

    Strasbourg Winter market and old city

    Dijom and the wine area of Bourgogne (if you're old enough you have tours bringing you from wine maker to wine maker)

    Tours and all the Renaissance castles around it on the Loire Valley

    The St Michel mount, go there very early to avoid the crowd.

    the menhir field of Carnac in Brittany

    Carcassone, the city with the medieval double curtain walls

    Avigon, the city of the Popes where the popes were French

    Lyon, old and famous for its food and its old town

    Monaco, just to see the cars, the yachts, and the Cousteau museum

    Marseille, with its old harbour fortifications

    If you want to have a look by region here is a site to help you, you click on a region, then on a department, and you scroll down to the list of things to see there, the food, and what the area is known for:

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Avignon - see the pope's castle

    Lyon - see the town square, and also the zoo (it's free)

    Dijon - see the Woodrow Wilson Hotel and the Hotel de la Cloche

    Reims - tour a champagne house or eat at Les Creyeres (be prepared to spend 300 euros per person for the meal)

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  • gaznes
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    4 years ago

    the terrific element to do is a get a pass on the Bateau Mouche that are the boats that pass around the Seine. you are able to then get off at distinctive stops and pass to here: Notre Dame Sainte Chapelle (large stained glass - close to Notre Dame) Louvre & the encircling gardens Musee D'Orsay (large paintings museum) Montemartre (artist area) Eiffel Tower - Champs Elysee - Arc de Triomphe - Quarter - street Saint Germain Luxembourg Gardens

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