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Do you live in a cold, cold city?

Again, Winter

I slide eyes above this iced-over city

and see steam escaping skyward

while blocks of buildings shiver

on ground so cold the dead must wait

in one last queue

while men who know the way to force a grave

use days and nights to torture soil’s obedience.

Motors push brittle cars in cautious rows,

their wintered steel liable to snap like bones

while real skeletons decide:

to step deliberately amidst the rocks of ice

or shuffle low feet through salt-made sluice.

Great orange plows, surviving mastodons,

break blindly down the routes,

indifferent as their single tusks cast wide and frozen waves

their blue blinks all the warning of invincibility they need.

Geometry of towered cubes and angles

collide with cold and hold it motionless

above the thin veneer that slicks along the frozen earth.

White vapor is the color that breaks this gray sky

and calls itself a careful watcher’s only visual prize.

Much closer, then, a cardinal melts by.


Danny: I wondered if anyone would make it through all the slush to find that bit of eye candy waiting there. :) (No "u" in my "color" -- the city shown here would be Minneapolis.)

Update 2:

Doc: Sure, have at it.

Dave: St. Paul lacks the horrible urban coldness of Minneapolis to my eye. St. Paul defends its inhabitants against the cold; Minneapolis offers them to it.

Neon: You did Mpls time? I did not know this.

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    I'm so glad you kept the theme and expanded on it. I enjoyed the feel of it, even though cold. I also like the inclusion of things like machines in a duel with nature.

  • 4 years ago

    I'm afraid it will get much colder. However, it's unlikely to stay below freezing during daylight hours in London, even in mid winter. I used to work out doors every day. I'm not that fond of the cold, either. Dressing for comfort was essential. Wear thermal underwear and a hat. Fingerless gloves are useful. You'll get used to it. There are many colder places in the world!

  • HD
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    9 years ago

    An urban Ice Age. I like "mastodons". I like how your descriptions of the iced over city bring to mind glaciers and icebergs for me. This seems to embody both a primitive time but also a future apocalyptic feel. For me, anyway.

    I feel almost guilty for living in Florida now. We are all bundled up right now because it gets in the 40's at night. Unseasonably cold the weatherman says.

  • 9 years ago

    Am from Buffalo, originally, and, although deep, not really s'cold! Now I live on CT's SE Shore, where the convergence of the Thames River, Long Island Sound, and the AO moderate all our weather quite pleasantly. I've no problems with my weather, except for bein' easily spoiled! I did spend my last three years in the Submarine Navy in Pearl Harbor ("Day of Infamy" Memorial only 4 days away, BTW!), and I'm still a bit of a weather malcontent from that...and that was over 30 years ago! heh heh

    Loved the cardinal's uplpift, tho' it actually began for me with orange! Saw an episode of The Apprentice recently where they did an ad for Donald's line of shirts and ties, and only the shirts and ties were in color...the rest in B&W...VERY COO'! And this was similar...an' VERY COO', TOO!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Snow ices the far mountain peaks,

    and a swift wind relentlessly shrieks,

    a lunatic with no means of restraint.

    The moon's crescent is far and faint;

    stars pierce the night like sharp shards

    of ice, leaving day worn and scarred,

    silenced beneath glowering clouds.

    Winter wreathes like a funeral shroud.

    In the canyon, a lone coyote cries,

    sending sorrow into the bleak skies

    waiting for the meager short spring...

    November... is a scorpion's sting.

    Stuck in my heart, a frozen sliver

    'til April, then, I will wait and shiver.

  • 9 years ago

    You been imbibing in the brandy morning vitamin? lol Kidding aside, nice refreshing images on a cold scene of a city. You brought me back to winter time Minneapolis with this.

  • 9 years ago

    I was raised in the snowy ground

    now it is sand I've found

    once there were winter days of gray

    now the bright sun displays

    each building cold with frosted gates

    lead me to warmer state

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I would have guessed St. Paul, regarding the Cardinal.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Good write!! I 'saw' this. (:

    Yeah..... it's cold from October to March & sometimes April....

    ..Oh and I am totally confused for if yah add a 'u' in color and favorite!? .....like, everyone says yah add a 'u' so I'm pretty sure I've been wrong for like 14 years :/


  • 9 years ago

    These words are the perfect reason for leaving

    ..I did

    I know your image well, excellent

    there are cattle on my roads now

    not the herd you would find

    in metropolis

    cold or unkind

    you have cardinals to remind

    we have....eighteen wheelers flying by

    Yes I came back...to

    Edit: so I did

    Good Morning

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