Which "universal" laws affect YOU on a daily basis?

Besides, "what goes up must come down"....of course.

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    You mean personal ones? I'm paranoid so I have a lot of laws about human interaction and keeping my room secure.

  • canal
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    3 years ago

    a million. rest room paper cuz like money, it does not mean lots until you have none; 2. headline/worldwide information - so i will worry that i can't ever discover the money for to retire, deliver my infants to varsity, pay for gasoline or different expenditures increasing, and this undesirable war; 3. hand/physique lotion - it desires to sniff stable, bonus if it tans and/or eliminates the visual allure of cellulite; 4. drugs - I take some on a usual foundation & might like them to be decrease priced; 5. alcoholic beverages - are there going to be any available to me when I end artwork for the day? 6. YA - I consult with my contacts; 7. site visitors jams - i don't stress outdoors my realm too lots, yet i can't take site visitors 8. smog - do not in all probability think of of it lots, yet desire to stay in a sparkling environment; 9. weight scales - I weigh myself each and every so often, i don't opt to be fat, even though it is not a huge worry or subject; 10. i don't worry approximately cuss/curse words - it is not a controversy. i don't swear in front of my young ones or public, yet I do each and every so often use and hear those words - no vast deal.

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