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Believers,is this really happening in USA ? In USA courts now.?

I received this email notice from a trusted, long time known, lawyer group,

American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekelow, who has been before the USA Supreme Court a few times. I am just amazed how the courts are being infiltrated, to attempt, to strip our rights.

And the UN, trying to outlaw the Gospel and replace with Islam, WOW. No more, we can all believe what, in whom, we want, and cohabit peacefully.

The sweeping changes to Congress in a few short weeks bring a critical new beginning ... ... a strategic moment in time for us to GET THINGS DONE. ...multiple fronts in the fight for life and justice ...

The ACLJ's work - is moving forward without hesitation, capitalizing on this new front to see that your values are protected.

We're up against unprecedented attacks on life and liberty:

1-We are preparing to file a critical amicus brief in an Oklahoma case involving a serious legal challenge from CAIR - an Islamic organization with ties to terrorism - which claims that barring implementation of Sharia law in the U.S. violates the constitutional rights of Muslims. It's absurd ... we will NOT allow local and federal laws of this land to be influenced by Islamic Sharia law!

2-Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and pro-abortion legislators are taking aim at pro-life pregnancy centers in New York with a troublesome new law. We have presented arguments before a committee of the NY City Council and will continue to fight this in any way necessary to STOP this pro-abortion attack.

3-ObamaCare was essentially forced upon the American people, and it must be stopped. We have fully activated our Government Affairs team; we are working daily with Members of Congress; and our federal lawsuit directly challenging ObamaCare, Mead v. Holder, is moving forward.

4-NYC developers of the Islamic mosque are requesting millions of taxpayer funds to build their monument at Ground Zero. The ACLJ is fighting at the New York Supreme Court to stop this project once and for all.

5-We are preparing for a critical vote this month at the United Nations on the deadly ''Defamation of Religions'' resolution, brought by the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference, which would essentially criminalize the proclamation of the Gospel worldwide.

WOW! Can you believe thsi is active in the courts now?

What do you think?


Old Timer Too, thanks for some intelligience. I did not do a court search, to check docket. I trust the emailer.

I do prefer Obamacare; health care needed revision. Insurance companies take money, and refuse to pay many times; and then when there is risk, payments, they drop the person.

although, pretty soon, it might be cheaper to take a trip, fly to Florida for an MRI, than go to a hospital- Hah !!! Breast or testicle exam anyone ? Free with flight.

I know there is power in law, and law is accessible thru the courts.

It is a backroad infiltration, that changes things, when no one else is unaware.

I am not a hater. All can practice whatever faith they want. But why bring Saudi rules here. This is USA. Want to live Saudi rules, live in Saudi.

Outlawing the word Christmas, at Christmas time, closes my pocketbook, wallet. It is Christmas, not Holiday.

Philadelphia, tried to change the sign Christmas Village, which sold, alas,

Christmas items, to Holiday Village, because a few people

Update 2:

very insightful Ross, yes, rejoice. Your message is oddly, comforting.

Unless, God pours out so much Glory upon His Church, in the final days, they, the Church are the only ones with the answer, money, food supplies, etc.

We shall see. 5 loaves, 2 fish, fed how many....hmmm.

Update 3:

theo, good practical analysis.

However, Ross seems to discern the overall underlying risks.

true many are blinded, or just don't care.

I don't worry about these things. I just found it amazing, these things are actually happening today. Obviously, the controlled news would not report such events.

Update 4:

funny-- cat in the foil hat -- actually links to a troll picture. you are the time wasting troll.

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  • Ross
    Lv 7
    10 years ago
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    Rejoice, the days of persecution that Christ warned us about have arrived.

    Experts agree that five stages of a coming persecution can be identified:

    The targeted group (Christians) is stigmatized; its reputation is attacked, possibly by mocking it and rejecting its values.

    Then the group is marginalized, or pushed out of the mainstream of society, with deliberate efforts to limit and undo its influence.

    The third stage is to vilify the group, viciously attacking it and blaming it for many of society’s problems.

    Next, the group is criminalized, with increasing restrictions placed on its activities and eventually even its existence.

    The final stage is one of outright persecution.

    Many commentators believe the United States is now in stage three, and moving into stage four. —


    God's glory will only come about after extreme persecution and martyrdom, these are the end times and the church will have to undergo the same passion that Christ went through.

    Note the parallels, Christ was interrrogated, mocked, beaten and finally crucified. Christianity has been interrogated and mocked in the past few years like no other time in history a complete ban and destruction/forced closure of churches is imminent.

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  • 10 years ago

    Much of what you quoted is misrepresented. Regardless of the content of the e-mail check the original material to make sure that the claims are valid.

    Item 1 -- The first and fourteenth amendments usurp states' rights where it comes to religion and governing religious freedom. What is really missing is that "Sharia law" cannot be enforced outside the religion (a little like a commandment that a given sect follows) upon all people. It is entirely internal to the religion and cannot be implemented for society for the same reason that religion is protected. The 1st amendment deals with freedom _of_ and _from_ religion.

    Item 2 -- The details of the law are not mentioned, and are likely just political hype.

    Item 3 -- Obamacare doesn't exist. The democratic party forged the bill and it was passed by both houses of congress _and_ it included many provisions that were originally proposed by Republicans. The extremism has turned the provisions of the legislation into a rallying cry that is built upon a strawman of misinformation.

    Item 4 -- The mosque is _not_ located _at_ ground zero, but outside it on property already owned by the Muslim community. They are _not_ asking for taxpayer support to build the mosque.

    Item 5 -- Not true.

    As I said, this is mostly misinformation and hype from bigoted anti-Muslims who have shifted their hatred to yet another group of people. If anything, unsubscribe from that mailing list and tell them you are no longer interested in their LIES!

    Also, next time, take this to the political section where it will be just as soundly criticized.

    TDs expected.

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  • 10 years ago

    1. My guess is they want to use sharia law in civil cases through voluntary arbitration. There's no problem with that Its no different than the Jewish Beth Din courts. If you want to interfere in the voluntary actions of individuals then I would guess you are breaking the constitution.

    2. Again you have not specified what the law is, so my guess is that the pro life pregnancy centres are interfering with the dissemination of safe sex and contraception education.

    3 The U.S. has the most expensive health care in the world, yet it only rates 37th in delivery of well being and life expectancy. All of the nations above it have social health care and their universal health care insurance is cheaper than your private health care insurance. If you are so passionate about the lives of the unborn, why are you so selfish that you would not contribute to the health and lives of the living.

    4. Building a mosque would be stupidly insensitive, but no more so than building Baptist churches in Baghdad.

    5. That is a load of garbage and disingenuous. It will not pass in the main assembly, nor the security council as most countries oppose it. And the way it is worded would equally benefit every religious fundie, not just Muslims and it could never prevent the free dissemination of religion only criticism of it. If anyone has anything to fear from it, it would be atheists and secularists.

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  • 10 years ago

    guy whats the point? every religion has their share of the USA it was the Christians and the Jews. If you do the research you will find all kinds of similar printed garbage against both. Now those two have moved to the side as the Muslims are being recognized and once again garbage is spewing. Look into the similarities of religions rather than the differences and you might find out a lot. The same stories repeat over and over in the major religions of the world. The events remain the same but names change. This should give you a clue. Stop spewing hatred. You are wasting your time.

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  • Ed Fox
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    Are you sure you're OK? The courts of any country base their procedures and their decisions on the laws of the country in which the court is located. This should be common sense.

    What is refered to "Obamacare" is something that has been approved by the United States government represented by the legitimate elected President of the United States. You would appear to be nothing more than a racist apart from being a total idiot.

    If you do not like the way YOUR President is running the country, you vote for someone else at the next election. This is the democratic process

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  • David
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    I think we're doomed.

    If they keep cutting down trees to print that tripe and mail it out to gullible church people, we won't have any forests left.

    But, I don't get these interesting notices. I'm looking at #5 on the list, and actually, it sounds like a good idea to me. I mean, if some countries don't want missionaries spreading religious misinformation, then that's their law, and we should respect that. Leave 'em be. God knows there are enough reprobates here in the USA that need a good talking to,

    like the guy who runs the "DAYSTAR" Christian TV network. Just caught in adultery. It's the sort of thing that makes me want to become a Christian so I can have a more active sex life.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    When I saw that surveys had shown 29% of Americans are extremist christians I found it hard to believe but thanks to your question I now accept it must be true!

    Typical that you seek to dictate to the population and subvert democracy!

    Homeland Security is having to put more and more time and resources into tracking christians who seek to tear up the constitution, destroy democracy and foment a second civil war to install a christian dictatorship!!

    A chilling warning was issued to US police forces last year about the threat of a rise in violent right wing and christian extremist groups fueled by recession and hostility over the election of the first black president!!

    In March federal agents arrested and charged nine members of a Christian militia based in Michigan, calling itself the Hutaree with plotting to murder local police. The FBI has also made arrests in Seattle and San Francisco.

    Seems these people are not just a bigger threat to American freedoms than external terrorists but completely anti American!!!

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  • Leo
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    "What do you think?"

    What do I think? I think that emails like the kind you copied and pasted above are aimed at the gullible and the lazy, people the senders of the email know won't bother to research the facts for themselves.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Seriously every generation thinks their rights are being taken from them.

    Ever since Washington.

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  • 10 years ago

    Yes and it will get worse. Also so many people are blinded to this, so for some reason they don't see it or don't care.

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