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? asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

Why is Interpol willing to give Roman Polanski a pass, but not Julian Assange for something much less serious?

according to the news, Julian Assange is on interpol's most wanted list for *drumroll*...breaking a condom.

meanwhile, Polanski molested a prepubescent girl.

so why is one hailed and protected, and the other hunted throughout the world?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can take the red pill or you can take the blue pill. Take the blue pill and you can retire to your life of illusion. Or, you can take the red pill and find the truth for yourself.

    Assange and his organization did't reveal anything we didn't know or suspect. What Assange did was he reveal the process of lies and deception that goes on behind closed doors, in smoke-filled rooms; and back-alley handshakes. The entire sausage-making process is laid bare.

    Governments lie and mislead the public all the time. We pay the taxes that supports these politicians and bureaucrats. They, on the other hand, do not want us to know the entire truth behind much of what they do out of sight.

    The reality is they're hunting him down and calling him a terrorist. Honestly, all he's done is embarrass all governments,not just the United States.

    Assange shook up the world trying to wake its masses. He wants to show them the process by which the people, the common people are viewed, and how other governments are viewed from inside of government. The little guys are pawns.

    That process also reveals a great deal about insecurities of governments. China hacking Google; the Saudi royal family and other Gulf states worried about a nuclear-armed Iran. Its simple. Revealing these interior thought processes only tells us what we've always suspected and known.

    We've known China represses its people and uses censorship to mislead the masses. We've known the Middle East has worried about Iran going nutso with nukes. We've known all along that the US Government has concerns about corruption in Afghan government, or criminal acts during the Iraq war.

    The bottom line is, there's nothing new here but the black box's internal machinery is now less of a question mark.

    They hate Assange for fielding the truth. But saying he's a terrorist? That's crazy.

  • 1 decade ago

    That's an interesting question, a good connect you make between the cases of Polanski and Assange, very insightful.

    Julian Assange represents a genie which cannot be put back in the bottle and some in power really want to try stuffing that genie back inside.

    Wikileaks or whatever comes after Wikileaks (should government succeed in any effort to "ban" Wikileaks) will continue because that is the nature of the free flow of digital information. Government cannot hope to stop it...there simply are too many people who will figure out a way around any "ban".

    Interestingly, Interpol exists as a totally unnecessary and even undesireable combination of governments, presumably a police's very, very strange that Interpol is used in a case like that facing Mr. Assange, essentially a he said/she said scenario, something normally not attracting the attention of Interpol.

    So, Polanski, facing charges involving sex never has been sought by Interpol

    Assange, although he faces sex related charges really isn't being sought for that (that's just the excuse)...he's being harassed because he's made alot of powerful enemies the world over. So, Interpol goes after him because so many powerful people in multiple governments want to make him an example...they could care less about the sex related allegations brought against Assange by the Swedish government and concerning 2 women. The people going after Assange want to get him to shut him up, to break up Wikileaks.

    There is no reason, no logic's just that Assange has disturbed the nest of the hornets and they are buzzing around crazily using anything available to deal with him. Right now, that means Interpol. It makes no sense, but there it is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A couple of points you have wrong.

    1. Polanski did not molest a "prepubescent girl". Feel free to go look it up. What he did was drug and rape a 14 year old. Who not being an Olympic gymnast, was post-pubescent. !4 is actually legal in a lot of European countries, if they do consent. Since the victim was long ago paid off and doesn't back the chrages, this is why some Europeans think he is somehow innocent.

    2. He isn't actually on that list for the law mentioned in this article. He is wanted for "sex crimes", which under Swedish law could include deliberately breaking a condom. Boolean logic. He is wanted for sex crimes. Some sex crimes are broken condoms. This does not mean all sex crimes are broken condoms.

  • 1 decade ago

    Roman Polanski's crime is not current....he is an old man...and it's perceived that he had already served his time in America. Julian Assange, as a person, has captured the imagination of the entire he's pissed off a lot of people in high places. 'They' are going to make him pay.

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  • Once I scoffed at people who sprouted conspiracy theories.... but As I've grown older.. I've become more cynical and now think nothing would surprize me....

    The Powers That Be... deem Julian Assange as a threat... but they also know he has support and a following.

    So there are ways to stop a human threat....

    The Threat can *VANISH* ~ but too many people would be suspicious

    The Threat can " HAVE AN ACCIDENT" ~ but again people would be suspicious

    The Threat can be ASSASSINATED ~ but that would cause a revolution...

    so .. ( and this is my take on things)... The powers that be have set him up with a horrible *NORMAL* crime... so that he may go to a *NORMAL* prison.. where he MAY be the victim of a NORMAL PRISON MURDER...... " oh dear we didn't mean that to happen"

    YOUR point, your comparrison SHOULD make people sit up and think.. but you know some won't

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Julian Assange may be a lot of bad things but he is giving us the truth our own US press won't or can't. That is the reason they've ganged up on him. He's making the US press look bad.

  • 1 decade ago

    The US Government just want an excuse to catch and punish Assange. Which is stupid really, they created the documents, why should they shoot the messenger?

  • 1 decade ago

    Polanski was not given a pass by America the euro took that path But than they also released the Lockerbie murder to go home to a hero's welcome

  • ?
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    i might say we are going to see an arrest warrant for Dick Cheney a similar day that each and all of the grimy hippies come to a determination to take a bathtub, get a job and end complaining of crap that truly has no relevance to lots of something. on the different hand Nigerians are universal for their honesty.

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