Whats the best liquor to keep for special occasions?

I want to start collecting liquor to use on special occasions and possibly use them as display

(tequila,cognac,vodka,doesnt matter as long as its good)

I know hennessy,patron,grey goose,remy but im looking for a something a bit rarer and expensive

possibly($100 and under a bottle)

Oh and Champagne but I dont know much about it.

So what are some good liquor/champagnes ?

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    First i'd like to address your selection of special occasion bottles (hennessy, patron, grey goose and remy). It all depends on the special occasion you are celebrating..

    Special occasion bottles are totally different from collector item bottles. Start by asking yourself what special occasion you are saving them for... an example would be if you are saving a bottle for someones 21st birthday than a cheap bottle of vodka would do. If its for Halloween then maybe a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka is more appropriate. Also, if you are saving for Christmas or something maybe a holiday nog would be best.

    As far as collector items... look for unique shaped bottles. Unless you are trying to make money by selling it later there is no point of keeping bottles.

    Champagne doesn't work on price. No matter what you are told. An example would be Dom or Cristal. Those champagnes are actually pretty terrible as far as any Connoisseur will tell you. They are expensive because they are made popular by american culture. Go to Europe and see if you can even find a good bottle of champagne named Cristal. Not going to happen.

    Alcohol is based on what you like. What is good to you may not be good to someone else. Its supposed to be a fun, good time type of drink so whatever you like is what you should get.

    Hope that helps

    Source(s): i work for a wine and liquor distributor and have taken many trips to wineries and distilleries. Also have completed numerous classes on alcohol and the processes used to make alcohol.
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    One of the most revered types of liquors is single malt scotch. All men who drink scotch will be like O_O.

    My favourite is McAllan 18 yo sherry oak. Its like.. pure happiness. Its a little over 100$ us. You can get the 12 year for around 60$ a bottle.

    As for champagnes? I don't know. Scotch is better than any champagnes.

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    Rum would work, it's often used to flavour chocolate truffles, but I'd dilute it in syrup or the taste could be a bit overwhelming. Orange goes very well with chocolate so you could try an orange liqueur like Curacao or Cointreau. Personally I would make a syrup with fresh orange juice and water (half & half), and sugar, of course, and add the liqueur before brushing it on the cake. Coffee complements chocolate well too, so Tia Maria (coffee liqueur) in some strong black coffee could be used in the same way. Enjoy!

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    depends what your friends.family most like. Me i keep captain morgan around all the time and beer, but im a captain an cola drinker lol. guess that dont help you. Lot of ppl like wine but i dont no 2 much about that other then some is dry an some sweet. I say just keep a few bottles of wine, any vodka, rum, and beer.

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    Gin: Tanqueray Ten

    Whisky: Glenlivet 18yo

    Bourbon whiskey: Booker's

    Champagne: Veuve Clicquot Vintage, or Dom Perignon Vintage (the expensive Champagnes are the 'vintage' ones)

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    Baileys, Cointruea, Cahlua

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