Could I Get Into JYP/SM/YG Entertainment?

I'm really into Kpop & I'm learning Korean. As of right now, I know how to read & write Hangul. I also like to dance & sing, so I really want to get into the Kpop industry. I haven't gotten dinging lessons before, but I've been told that I have a pretty voice & potential. Plus, I would also like to try modeling.

However! I'm not Korean... nor am I Asian. Could I see audition & possibly become a trainee?

Here's a pic of me:


I'm actually Mexican. :D

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    Wow, thats amazing that your leaning Korean and hangul. That's really cool your mexican and you want to go into the Kpop industry its pretty glamorous and amazing. That's good you've been told your pretty and you've got potential.

    Well if you do end up being a singer you'll have lots of commercials and ads so you'll already have this set path of being a model on the side (look at SNSD, they advertise so much stuff). Unlike western industries you don't need to be a giant and being like 160cm is fine.

    Your really pretty, seriously. But it is true that they are kinda bias against asians (sm is full of koreans and chinese or a mixture of both). The most ethinically diverse they got was a half caucasian and half korean person, she was extremely gorgeous and talented and ended up debuting as a duet with another girl. Unfortunately because of her caucasian looks overpowering her asian looks, she was very popular in korea or the rest of asia.

    I don't think it was a racist thing, personally i think they feel more connected someone who was their kind and they could relate more (because you'd be foreign to their cultures and stuff). I think its a subconscious thing, i guess we all feel better with our own people. But even people who are fully korean and talented and gorgeous never end up debuting, but its ok they paid for everything so it wasnt really a loss more of a unforgettable experience.

    If you do have talent and your very pretty, I think you should audition. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. And itll be a bonus when you auditon that you can already speak some korean this will show your very willing and passionate about being a kpop artist.

    All the luck in the world!

    Source(s): friend is a trainee, shes korean though.
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