how to open up a computer paper company?


What will i need so i can open up a paper company?

i want to know all the raw materials and where can u get them and also the machines.


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  • jp_dfw
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    10 years ago
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    Are you interested in actually manufacturing paper or just taking paper and converting it for use in printers, etc.? Manufacturing is usually the domain of the paper mills (AbitibiBowater, International Paper, etc) and the resulting rolls of different grade paper will be sold to converters and large consumers like major paper/magazine printers. The conversion part of the industry varies wildly but you'll generally find slitters, guillotines, sheeters and related equipment.

    I might be able to give you better assistance if you could be more specific.

  • Bob
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    10 years ago

    You need to be more specific. What kind of paper are you talking about? And why in the world would you want to go into the paper making business?

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