50cc scooter/moped wont start :(?

im in work and its about -3 degrees outside, my scooter has been sitting out in it all night. i went out about 20 mins ago and it wont start. the battery working fine. it just wont start. any ideas on wat i can do? much appreciated :)

ps it got serviced yesterday :/

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You failed to mention what type of service you had done. Lots(most/all) 49/50cc scooters don't come with fuel filters installed. So any work that involves the gas tank, fuel lines or carburetor can easily break off(loosen) gum and varnish deposits which will almost instantly partially/completely clog the jets in the carb. Stopping it from starting. no doubt the extreme cold will make it worse. Such as the tank, lines and carb are warm and expanded while it is being worked on. After it gets cold(especially that cold) everything shrinks and can more easily cause all this gunk to pop off and clog the carb up, often to the point that it wont start. Take it back to the repair shop and have them drain the entire system and clean it all with very strong solvents. Also running that contaminated gas through the cylinder for even a short time can foul the plug causing even more problems with starting.

    The man who works on my 49cc scooter has been doing this for many years and let me know real quick that he has seen plugs begin to foul up on new scooters with as few as 7 miles on them. Also make sure you are running the highest octane gas you can buy. Mine say 90 octane

    or above so I tried 89 octane(what can a single digit do?) Guess what, you would be amazed.

    Don't let these retarded naysayers deter you about how bad these little scooters are. Sure you can get a lemon, but you can also get a 50 grand luxury auto that's a lemon too.

    Take it back to the shop and show some attitude and indignation(after politely explaining what has happened and that you are not happy that it screwed up so fast after it was worked on by THEM . Give them a chance to fix it before breaking out the attitude.

    My scooter? A no name Chinese 49cc model with about 5 thousand miles on it. So far had to replace the headlight bulb twice and the starter solenoid once...... A full tune-up including all fluids changed, new plug, new solenoid and having both front and rear disc breaks disassembled and cleaned(due to squealing) plus a few minor adjustments here and there, not to mention a thorough carb cleaning and adjustment was a hair under 160 bucks(oh yeah, they even came and picked up the bike from my house, but I had to go pick it up.) Try that with even the cheapest car. And a decent scooter shop won't rip you off. I actually had the non starting issue figured out to be a bad starter, and made the mistake of telling them so(oops) Sooo, they could have easily cleaned that starter off and replaced just the solenoid and charged me probably 5 times as much. But did not.

    Parts are NOT hard to get. But they are hard for you to get. A good scooter shop has no problem, since they buy these scooters from the same people that build them from the parts you need to actually fix it.

    If I baby it I get about 130-150 MPG. Also keep a small amount of carb cleaner in it at all times to prevent build-up. And at -3 a little de-icer would probably be a good idea as well.

    Also it just occurred to me( I live in the warm south so sometimes it takes me a bit to consider the problems of extreme cold on mechanical objects) Get a cigarette adapter(the kind that uses clamps to connect to the battery and then get one of those engine warming devices that you attach to the oil pan of a car Or get one that plugs into an electrical outlet. Modify and attach it to the bottom of the engine and turn it on 10 minutes before you want to start it up. It might drain the battery enough to prevent it from starting the scooter so only hook it to the battery if you have a kick starter on it as well. I think most do.

    And I got a friend who has a no-name Chinese 49cc scooter with almost 11,000 miles on it with no mechanical work ever done(unless you count 5 tires, 3 from punctures). Not a bad investment for a used scooter that he paid 350 bucks for.

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