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how i can meet chief minister of my state ?


how i can meet chief minister of my state ?i am from Gujarat and i need to talk with him about one major problem of Gujarat.

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    usually the Ministers and Bureacrats assign some time for public to meet them and give petitions. Find the visiting hours from CM's office. If there is one, try to see him. Or you may officially write for an appointment stating your subject of discussion. They are very busy people having to attend many meetings, answer urgent calls, attend important files, meet dignitaries visiting the state, etc. So you may not be able to get an appointment easily and that too may be limited to few minutes only.

    Best thing is to write a petition to the CM in name cover and if he is interested in your suggestion, you may even get a reply!

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    You as an ordinary man cannot meet chief minister. So forget it. No chief minister has any time to listen to the grievances of people and redress it.

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    OPTION #1

    CM is not an ordinary person to meet anyone, if you have some problems you can send him mail, letter. etc, mentioning your problem and that you want to meet him. if your request is considered you will be able to meet him.


    CM go thru some source, and meet him

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    From his website:

    Fill in the form. I have done so and I met him personally when I was in India

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