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A GREAT christmas

Henry Winkler/ GREAT MOVIE. I would LOVE to get it in DVD (pirate bay cannot get it...yet. Here is the movie (I could get it in VHS but VHS ? VHS? Right...and my music now will be just 8 track tapes...RIGHT ! Anyway, here it is(and HOW could I get this PLEASE (no VHS...) A new version of the all-time family favorite starring Henry Winkler. It is Christmas Eve 1933, and the townspeople of Concord, New Hampshire, are trying to hold onto their Christmas spirit in the face of the Great Depression. But old Mr. Benedict Slade is ruining what Christmas hope the town has left by mercilessly repossessing their prized goods. Alone in his apartment, Slade is visited by three ghosts--Christmas Past, Present and Future--who take him on a fantastic journey through time that will show him the tragic consequences of his actions if he doesn't mend his ways forever! Adapted from Charles Dickens' classic story "A Christmas Carol."


The movie is "American Christmas Carol."

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    It's called 'An American Christmas Carol' mate so maybe refine the search?

    Luckily for you i've found it on StageVu, it's a great movie site that was initially designed to download movies to the PS3's (PlayStation 3) Hard Disk Drive from it's Internet browser but it can be used on regular Internet browsers on PCs also, it's just not as fast on PCs as it is on the the PS3.

    If you have a PS3 then I presume you are aware of StageVu if not then you can YouTube it! (very similar to torrents)

    If you haven't got a PS3 then you can still download the movie of your PC/Laptop it will just take a little longer, but seeing as you really want a DVD Rip of this movie i'm sure you won't mind waiting.

    Here's the link:

    Enjoy your movie and have a great Christmas!

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