Can someone inform me please?

I plan to finish college, and pursue my career as a dentist, but i'd also like to own my own boutique, i'd have help from other people, i just like to know, what would i need to do? how do i get it started? are there college classes i should take for this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    No college needed. Just an entrepreneur spirit. You pay $900 to rent a space in a shopping center. Pay $250 for a sign. Buy the clothes (or items) for your boutique. Buy racks from the nearest bankruptcy court ( they sell off the fixtures from businesses that have failed). Hire one employee for $1,200 a month (or save that money and work by yourself until you make a profit). Insurance for your business will cost $1,000 a year. Pay taxes to the IRS on your profits.

    Later you can hire a manager and let the store run itself. In the beginning, you will be working 12 hours a day. It is a wonderful life when you are the business owner.

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