May 21 2011 question please?????

Ok so I was just wondering when did they "discover" that Judgement Day will be on May 21, 2011 and the world will come to an end? I mean like when did someone all of a sudden say heyyyy wait the world is about to end? And if it's going to end in May 2011 then how is it also going to end in November 2012? That can only happen once you know... the world can't end twice lol.


Yea Ashley I'm pretty serious

Update 2:

Oh and if you didn't get it I know the world can't end twice basically I'm saying it's a load of bull. :-) K

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    9 years ago
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    Man seriously whts goin !!!!.....first everybody started to say 21st dec, 2012 is the end of world. Now they r after 21 may, 2011. Is this a joke or somewht ? End of world can happen in any day. Eruption of suprvolcano or a gigantic earthquake or mega tsunami or comet strike etc. are the possible cause of the end of world. But these are are all science related and if such thing happen u'll come to know beforehand. U'll clearly see the trailers of these disasters before the big one occurs.

    But blindly putting a date for the end is total nonsence. Whos doing such a thing ???

    Now if u ask me, a nuclear war is very much on the cards . And it can happen any second. These nuclear warheads has certainly gone on wrong hands for sure. And its really a matter of concrn !!

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  • conyer
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    3 years ago

    the rapture is a lie this date is a lie the be conscious rapture isn't a biblical term its no longer interior the bible (nor the manuscripts) study (the astounding cover-up / Dave Macpherson) positioned up lower back on could 22cd even for CHRIST to return in this date is lots too short (prophecy clever) the fake messiah comes first and he has a collection quantity of time (to mislead human beings) ....then after this set time (will the genuine savior come) impossible (this date/time) we collect (no longer rapture) to CHRIST on the seventh trump the fake messiah is obtainable interior the 6th trump 2Thess 2:a million-4 is particularly very clean as a ways through fact the order of activities = international huge apostasy comes first (accumulating to CHRIST comes 2nd) the unique time (is stumbled on interior the e book of Daniel) it became to be 7 years...... CHRIST HIMSELF (shortened this time) for the elects sake no longer many understand or are taught approximately this alteration Matt 24/Luke 21/Mark 13 coach the data - there are 2 tribulations (no longer one) <><

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    9 years ago

    well its been predicted to end at a certain date hundreds of times at least. they are all wrong

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